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What the QBs are saying about their position competition


A.J. McCarronOn the challenges of balancing a new offense and the open competition:"You just go out and play. You really just take what they give you. I mean, if it's a home run, it's a home run. If not, then if you have to throw it to the back for six yards. You just live with it. That's part of the game. That's how you win. You can't always have the home run hitter, and I think just taking what the defense gives you, and just playing your game and it'll be fine."

On learning to trust your eyes on the field:"You can talk all you want out there, but you still have to see it because the camera doesn't lie. I mean the human eye will lie sometimes, and you'll think you see something and it doesn't happen. But the camera doesn't lie. You can talk about it, but until you see it on film and then talk about it in the film room, you just try and to take quick notes if you can, but if not go into the next play and play the game."

On the beginning of OTAs and the start of the QB competition:"It's fun, you compete. You know, I've shared reps before. But it's fun, and we're out here. Everybody's really learning. Especially, speaking for myself, just trying to get timing with guys first with live action, but it's been fun. And it's always fun to compete."

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Nathan Peterman On learning the offensive system over the past couple of weeks:"We've been working on it for a few weeks here, but it's been great as far as being detailed in what we're doing, and having a reason for everything that we are doing too. I think what's really great about this offense is it gets us to understand the play completely. You know, not just necessarily 1,2,3 – this is our progression, but understanding 'Hey, I'm going versus different coverages, we're trying to get out of this play,' and I think everyone's really bought in to really studying it. I know it's our job, but guys you can tell love what we're doing, and I think that goes a long way."

On competing for the starting QB job:"I think the biggest thing is I've always been a competitor. And even last year, no matter what your role technically is, I was always competing to be the starter no matter what. I've done that my whole career, and have been in competitive situations. I feel like I thrive in those too."

On how last year went, and how he is looking to improve:"We talked about last year a lot. To be honest I'm kind of on to this year. I learned so many great lessons last year. I thought I had some ups, some downs as well, but as much as those things happen, I'm really just on to this year. Fresh start, learning a lot, new offense, new players, new coaches and it's an exciting start."

Josh Allen On starting as a third string and the challenges that come with it:
"My junior college year, I was maybe third or maybe even fourth for my first three or four games. The challenge with that is getting a limited amount of reps. You know, especially yesterday it was split up where the ones and twos got more than the threes, but at the same time it's me standing back there and trying to take mental reps, learning from what Nate and A.J. are doing, staying engaged the entire time."

On what his experience with Brian Daboll has been like so far:"It's been awesome. He's very energetic, he's very engaged with myself, Nate and A.J. The meetings are awesome, he's super talkative, he's got a lot of information and I definitely am in a really good situation here, you know learning from A.J. and Nate and a coach like Daboll."

On his touchdown pass to Ray-Ray McCloud during OTAs:"In my opinion, there's nothing better than throwing touchdowns. So, even in practice it gets the juices flowing a little bit. So, I just wanted to go out there and let him know he ran a really good route, he did what he's supposed to do. It seems when everybody does their own job, things tend to work out for the better."

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