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What they're saying: Bills-Cowboys postgame comments



Q: They're talking about flexing this next game Sunday night. Would you relish that opportunity?

A: Yeah, that's a wonderful opportunity for us to go out there and finish up the season the right way. It's going to be a big game. The Jets can get into the playoffs with that game, so who wouldn't want the primetime game? That's something that you live for as a player. It's something that you want—being in the primetime stage and going out there to showcase the things you can do.

Q: Can you just comment on Mike [Gillislee] coming out on the scene late for you guys and what impresses you the most about him?

A: Just his preparation. He comes in with a work first attitude each and every day, just looking to get better. And when opportunity presents in a game, he goes out there and makes the plays that we need. I'm definitely impressed by him. He's a great teammate and he's playing very well for us.


Q: Are you aware you set the Bills single season record for rushing yards for a quarterback?**

A: I heard that in the stadium, but it was middle of the game and I was focused on winning. I'm happy that I have it. It's not anything I focus on, but it's definitely a part of my game so it's nice to be recognized as the leading guy as far as quarterback rushing yards.

Q: They don't want you to expose your body as much out there.

A: Me and Eric Wood have this conversation every day. But, it's part of my game. Yes, I could get better at getting down sometimes but that's something that I'll work on—learning how to get down and protecting my body more. But, like I said, it is part of my game. I don't play scared. I'm a tough guy, so I can take those hits.


Q: Two months ago did you ever think you would be here?

A: Yeah, I got faith man. I knew it was going to be one of these teams. Bills gave me a chance and it is all happening.

Q: Can you take us through the touchdown run?

A: The offensive line did a great job opening it up and I had a two way go. I knew if I got to the sideline that I could pretty much take it to the house and that could happen.


Q: Is your confidence growing as these games go on or have you always had this?**

A: Always had this confidence, it was the matter of opportunity and Bills gave me a hell of an opportunity. I am taking advantage of it.


Q: Could you talk about the touchdown run for (Mike) Gillislee? You pulled on that play, what are you looking for there?

A: Yeah, we're running a power play, you know we've been working on them, kind of collapsing the end and me getting around the edge, and I got around the edge, I got 55 (Rolando McClain), I threw him into someone else, and we got the edge on that one.

Q: Gillislee has like 25 carries, I think he's averaging 10 yards a carry, what do you think that says about a guy, a fifth rounder, the talent?

A: Very talented guy, I think you kind of see him coming into his own, being a professional, and doing the little stuff to earn playing time and when you get the playing time you go out there and make plays and that's how you make a name for yourself in this league.


Q: No such thing as an ugly win, right?

A: No sir, no sir. Always good to go out there and get a win like that especially to be able to run the ball like that. Being able to throw the ball down the field, Tyrod (Taylor) threw some great passes. But the real MVP of the game was those boys up front; man they play a hell of a game up there creating holes and moving those D-Lineman. Dallas has a great defensive front and one of the best DE's in the NFL (Greg) Hardy out there #76, two of the best linebackers a first round pick I believe in #55 (Rolando McClain) and Sean Lee known for being one of the best inside linebackers. Just great to go out there and get a great win and be able to move the ball up and down the field with this great offensive line behind us and leading the way. And also a great quarterback like Tyrod making plays.

Q: How much of a factor was pride?

A: Oh a lot. Last two games at home you have a lot of veterans on this team that have been here awhile that want to play, they play here for each other they want to go out with a win. They want to do it for the fans, and the fans showed up today. Rain, sleet, or snow I believe they are going to show up here in Buffalo. They packed the stadium. They were loud on third down for defense. They never waivered, and neither did we.

Q: 236 rushing yards, is that sort of the formula for this offense?

A: Oh yeah, we've been able to move the ball all year. I believe we have the best rushing attack in the NFL. We've had multiple running backs be able to lead the way. Today Mike (Gillislee) led the way. Running the ball inside outside, being able to pound the ball down the field. Mike getting outside and getting away like he did, that's something special. You have different backs that can do it. But like I said, the real credit goes to the guys up front. The backs change, but those guys, they stay consistent. They move, they grind it out and we're happy to be able to come out with a win.


Q: Comment on the importance of this game…

A: Absolutely, we came out and we executed the game plan well today. Guys were flying around. The fans came out and brought some energy to our stadium, we needed that. Anytime you can come home and get a win, feed off that crowd energy … it's great. 

Q: The crowd was in it right from the start, comment on this

A: They came to see a good football game and we came out there and we got the win which is great. You want to do that at home for them. Christmas week, things like that so, it's fantastic.

Q: What does this win means?

A: It's a great team win. We needed this, to win at home is always good, it's always fun. We're playing behind a fantastic crowd. So this is something that we can use to just build for next year. Elements get tough our fans are going to be here, we can still win in December.


Q: Sammy, are you a lot more satisfied with the effort and the way the team responded this week than last week?

A: Yes, I think we responded well. I know everything didn't go our way, a couple flags here and there but I think on both sides of the ball we fought. When things didn't go wrong they got the first down, on third down we'd come get a stop. That's what I was looking for, for everybody to just go out there and fight. Like I said it's not about the coaches and everybody else, it's about this team, these players and that's who I play for.

Q: How impressed were you with the running game? Just those two guys (Williams & Gillislee) stepping up without LeSean?

A: You've got to take your hats off to Tyrod getting the right calls, different looks, the offensive line has been doing great all year. Every game we get a hundred yard rusher, or two guys with 80-90 yards and two TDs. We've just got to keep building on it.


Q: You've had a very interesting year; obviously you were released a few weeks, ago, brought to the practice squad, and then back up on the team. What does this mean for you, personally?

A: It's big. I have all the confidence in myself, I want to go out there, I want to play, I want to help the team and it's just great to get a chance.

Q: It's not official yet, but they say maybe next week could be a Sunday night game for you guys against the Jets, it could be flexed, because it means them winning, getting in the playoffs. What would that mean to end, on national TV here?

A: Yeah, I think the entire team would be pumped about that. We're not going to put our heads down just because we're out of the playoffs, we're here to play football, play with pride, play for our fans, for each other and for ourselves.

Q: Talk about the interception, the tip and the pick?

A: Yeah, I got to credit Leo (Leodis McKelvin), he made a great play, he popped the ball out, getting the pass breakup and I just happened to run over there, grab it, and get some yards.



Q: What about Tyrod Taylor's choices to run with the football and what a supplement he's been?

A: Well no that's what separates him from a lot of guys. I mean his ability to run. It's so hard to defend from a defensive stand point and when you got a guy that has that kind of options, I mean they got some really good pass rushers there, but it's just…his escape ability is one of the tops in the league.

Q: Can you talk on what you saw in some of the younger guys today? Like A.J. Tarpley?

A: Well there's a guy that obviously, I mean what a game he played. Gets the interception, forces a fumble. Just did a tremendous job and guys he's playing, he backs up the inside line backers. Both spots. Stepped into that role. Shared that role at WILL linebacker, inside. He's also a backup SAM. Had to play some SAM too when Manny (Lawson) went down for a little bit. I mean he just is a sharp guy. Obviously a Stanford kid but he's a football player and just really proud of him.

Q: You had a good crowd here today despite the miserable weather. What does that tell you?

A: I mean that this fan base is as good as any fan base that there is in the league. We know how, I know how loyal they are. I know how appreciative they are of the efforts of the guys on the field. This is their team and that clearly showed today because you're right, look how miserable it is. It's raining, it's all that kind of stuff. But I think we all would have been shocked if we never had that kind of attendance because that's the kind of fan base this is. It's as loyal a fan base as I've ever seen and that's what I said…how disappointed I am for not being able to deliver what we had talked about initially when I got here. But I will promise you this, that everything in my power is…you know that's what I'm committed too.

Q: What can you say about Mike Gillislee these past three weeks?

A: Just, I mean you put him in there he just…you know he tests, this is amazing. Because I think if we, if you ask people right now we think alright this guy is a 4.4 speed guy. Maybe better than that, right? Well don't look back at his combine tests. I don't know what happened. If he had to run with a piano on his back or what? But it was like 4.59 or 4.60 or something like that and like I say, he's the fastest slow guy I've ever seen. So he just, once he gets out in the clear he's…you know that's two games in a row he's housed a couple of them. But the kid just does a tremendous job for us and really gotta tip your hat to him. I mean even in protections, all that stuff you got to learn as a back. He's done it and you gotta give credit to Anthony Lynn as well. I think Anthony, my opinion, one of the best coaches in the league and he has those guys ready week in and week out.

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