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What they're saying: Bills credit leadership and big plays in road win


Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

  • Eclipsed the 7,000-yard passing mark for his career
  • Posted a 106.7 passer rating with 182 yards and one touchdown, completing 12 of 20 passes

On whether this has been the Bills' best win thus far:
"It is hard to rank them. It's a road win versus a very good team and a playoff caliber team. It's a team that was in the Super Bowl. They have been through a bunch, and have been through a number of games like that. To see us come out on the winning side of that, I am so proud of the way guys played for 60 minutes. They didn't let up. Everything didn't go right throughout the game, but we were able to focus and pull out a victory."

On the differences in this year's roster:
"Nothing phases this team. As I said, everything is not going to be perfect every week, but we have been through a number of different situations throughout the games the past four weeks, and guys haven't blinked. We expect to win in those situations. It may not go our way, and we don't blink when it doesn't."

On the leadership of the team:
"One thing that we talk about is just trusting the process and taking that same approach each and every week. Don't make one game bigger than another. We need to continue to keep doing the things that we are doing. We will continue to keep practicing hard and preparing hard, and take each game one game at a time. I think that we have a bunch of great leaders in our locker room that is going to keep this team together. We're not looking ahead too far. We're focusing on one game at a time to get better."

Head Coach Sean McDermott

-Became the first Bills coach to win three of his first four games since Kay Stephenson in 1983

  • This is the first Bills team to beat undefeated teams in consecutive weeks in franchise history

On describing the emotion in the locker room after the win:
"I'm happy for the team. Those guys worked hard, the coaches worked hard, the players worked extremely hard. We have a group of hard workers. The coaches put together a good game plan across the board and they stayed with it. This is a tough place to play. They are the defending NFC Champions, with one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Things didn't always go our way. We had some things we would like back so we have some work we have to do in that regard, but I am just extremely happy with the way the guys battled, they are a very resilient group and extremely appreciative of the fans that showed up to cheer us on. I can't say enough about that. It was just a great showing by our fans both from Buffalo and from this region that just showed up. I really appreciate the support."

On the key to defense for last four downs of the game in the red zone:
"We communicated. The guys did a really good job of communicating. Defensive Coordinator, Leslie Frazier, put them in defenses that obviously worked out for us and credit to the entire defensive staff and the players. They were on top of their game. Really this all started back on Monday with the work that they put in. We just have to continue to grow and get better. Obviously, we didn't play our best game and we have to continue to grow and get better and that's what good teams do and that's what is really in front of us. I can't say enough about how proud I am of the guys, of this staff and everyone in the building, this is a great organizational win."

On the impact the play of DE Jerry Hughes had on the game:
"When you are going against a great quarterback like Matt Ryan you have to make him uncomfortable. I thought we did that at times. I thought we could have done more of it. It is never enough against a quarterback like this. Anytime a quarterback like this has the ball in his hand on the last drive it is touch and go. Our guys stood up, it was gut check time and they did a great job."

On the play of TE Charles Clay as a mismatch for Atlanta Falcons:
"They have a good defense and Head Coach Dan Quinn does a great job and they play fast. Charles [Clay], we felt like we could get in some areas and we were able to do that early in the game. Give a lot of credit to Tyrod Taylor, he threw a lot of great balls down the field to him and he made some contested catches that were not easy. It was great focus, great concentration, and mental toughness too."

On this being biggest road win since the Super Bowl years:
"I would say hold your horses a little bit. It is one step at a time. This is a great win, what more can you say. It is a great win but it is the next win. It is the next game and that is what we have to keep our focus on. After we take 24 hours to enjoy this and get home safe, hopefully, thank God and turn our attention to the Cincinnati Bengals."


Cornerback Tre'Davious White**

  • Scored his first career touchdown on a fumble recovery in the third quarter
  • Four tackles and one pass defensed

On not stopping after the forced fumble:
"That's what we are coached to do every play. When the ball is on the ground, you scoop and score. That's what we do every day at practice. I sort of ran and started jogging at first, but I didn't hear the whistle so I just ran full speed."

On the defensive effort as a whole and a possible statement win for the Bills:
"It's a total team effort. Any game in the NFL is tough to win. We're definitely thankful that at the end of the game, we got the win."

Running back LeSean McCoy

  • Accounted for 108 yards from scrimmage (76 rushing and 32 receiving)

On the grit of his locker room:
"It was a gritty win. We had to fight for everything. We had to be tough on defense, special teams, and third and shorts. It was a gritty game. There are a lot of guys who work hard and look forward to these types of matchups."

On his offensive line's play:
"They took it upon themselves to get me some room. Those guys have been putting in work for years. Last year we were the number one rushing team for a reason. The guys today just put us on their shoulders and said, 'Let's move the front. Let's get it going. Let's run the ball.'"


Kicker Stephen Hauschka**

  • Connected on two 50-plus yard field including the go-ahead field goal with four minutes remaining
  • Has made his last 10 50-yard field goal attempts

On kicking with a lot of confidence right now:
"That's what it's all about. It's not always the easiest thing to get in a flow state before you go out and kick, but that's what it's all about. There aren't a whole lot of opportunities sometimes when you're kicking, so you've got to go out there. The confidence has to come from within and just kind of learning those things about this position as I progress through my career."

On feeling like being in groove, especially kicking from long-range:
"I'm hitting the ball well, and just everything is coming together. It feels great. I knew I was capable of these types of things, and the mind is powerful. I'm just trusting myself, believing in myself and having fun out there."

Guard Richie Incognito

  • Offensive line led the to Buffalo's 117 rushing yards

On coming together as a team and getting a big road win:
"It just says a lot about the belief of the guys in this room, what Coach McDermott has been preaching and it's just an awesome experience. It's an awesome experience in terms of believing in getting the win, man."

On preparing for a game like today against the defending NFC Champions:
"We keep the focus on us, and I think Coach McDermott does a great job of keeping the focus on us. We have a motto 'There's No Such Thing as Big Games,' they're all big, and he's preaching that throughout the week. Throughout the week it's just focus on getting better, focus on the process and then just coming out here and just letting it all hang on the result."

On the 11-minute, 19-play drive:
"I honestly didn't know it was that long of a drive, man. You have to dig deep on those. Coach McDermott challenged us before this game in last night's meeting. He challenged the offensive line and put it on us. We talk about it and we were a little pissed off about that. We knew we had to take over this game, so it's exciting, man."

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