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What they're saying: Bills-Dolphins postgame comments



(Did you see something in Tyrod Taylor himself that let him be more comfortable than last week?)– "I think when you don't fall behind as much as we did it's a little easier. We did a great job. I thought all our coordinators did a tremendous job. I thought Greg Roman did a tremendous job and had a great gameplan. Obviously that Suh kid, I don't care what they say, he's a heck of a football player and we kind of neutralized him a little bit. We had a rookie guard and then he goes out and Kraig Urbik did a nice job but that Suh's a great player but I tip my hat to Greg. Dennis Thurman called a tremendous game. He kept them off balance and he did a great job and Danny Crossman, that's my fault. I wanted to kick that field goal to get Dan all the way back. He did a great job but obviously I've got to learn from it and I should have just punted them down there."


(Can you talk about the confidence that Greg Roman has in Tyrod Taylor?)** – "It's not just Greg, everybody has confidence in him. This whole football team has confidence in him. The game that he was terrible he had like a 95 quarterback rating with three picks so this kid's legit. We know he's legit and when the protection holds up this kid can burn you. It was a great plan, I love what Greg did. We had no drop backs in the first ten plays, just to see if we can't get into Suh's head a little bit and their outside rushers. We did a great job keeping them off balance and then we had some great throws down the field too."

(Does your scheme just cater to the inside backer being at the right place at the right time?)– "First off, we talked to the defense last night about how it's not my scheme, it's not Dennis' scheme, it's our scheme, it's their scheme. It was interesting; we'll never be as good defensively until the players take ownership of it. I think we saw that today and it was a great thing to watch."

(You said emotion was a problem, too much of it. You got down to business. Was that the theme of the week, just come down here and take care of business?) – "Absolutely, I let them know, and I told you guys last week, that I was probably at the most fault. And I'm learning this football team and unfortunately for them, they're very much like me, and we got to do a better job of controlling ourselves and controlling our emotions. Just, 'Yes sir,' and move on. And that's the approach we want to take. I challenged our team that we want to be the least penalized team in the league from here going forward. I think we had 5 penalties for 40 yards, so it's a step in the right direction. We still have to get better, but that's something that we're focusing on and trying to get better at."

(In pass protection, you guys shut them out, no sacks. How do you assess the offensive line play?)– "The O-line does a tremendous job, but I think it's also a credit to our backs. You know [Assistant Head Coach/Running Backs] Anthony Lynn does as good a job as anybody and those guys stepped in, and when I talk about Shady [LeSean McCoy] stepping up in there, you know he's taking on some men in there. He had to chip [Ndamukong] Suh a couple times, and he does it. Our guys sell out for each other and that's a great thing. And like I said when you get Tyrod [Taylor] some time, he can burn you."


(First start, you couldn't have scripted it much better how much confidence did that first drive give you?)– "It was good to go out there and score early we did a couple of things that we had schemed up. Coach Roman felt confident in it and we went out there and made it work."

(What was the feeling for the team coming off an emotional game last week?) - "It was very big for us as a team. As you saw last week, the game didn't go as we wanted to. But toward the end, you can see the fight this team has as we continued to fight through the end of that game and through practice this week."

(You have had to wait a while to have a moment like this for you after a game like this that went this well for you. Do you take any personal satisfaction even for a moment after having had this start as a quarterback?) – "It was a team win. It's always going to be a team win. We went out there and battled together. We fed off of each other's energy, offense, defense, special teams, and collectively we won that game. We are going to learn from it, celebrate it tonight. We have a long flight, but we are going to get back to work tomorrow. We are going to watch some film, learn from it and start moving forward."

(The offensive line did not allow a sack, is this as good of a game that they have played all year?) – "They have been burning their butts off and last week the sacks that they were giving up weren't totally on them. Some of those things I helped as far as just trying to make a play in the pocket. But they did a great job with that today as well as all year."



(Rich before the game there was an exchange with Coach Philbin on the sideline, what was said because it seemed like it was very cordial?)** – "Yeah it was great, it was great to see coach and I'm not going to say what was said between me and Joe. I think it was a special moment to come back and share that moment with a lot of guys."

(When you say special moment do you mean because it is the first time you have been on this field since October 2013 or is it special because you saw some of your old teammates?) – "It was special because the way it ended the last game I played on this field and everything that happened and everything that went down after. It left a bad taste in my mouth and to come down and see the guys compete against them, but also get a win is great  a great feeling."

(You guys did not give up a sack against a pretty good defense up front, what kind of momentum does that give you?)– "It was a very talented defense and they have some great players over there and it is a confidence booster for us moving forward, we came down here we knew we had to handle them, we are on the road in a loud environment and to come out and play like that it is really good for us."  

(What did you think of Rex naming you and the other ex-Dolphins captain?) – "Rex is awesome like that. Rex knows how special it is to play your former team and it was great."


(Walk us through what the week was like overcoming it (last week's loss) and then you went out today and showed you had overcome it.) – "Ah, I was just ready to get back out there. We were ready all week. We prepared a lot better. It was another divisional opponent. It was great to go out there and get a win."

(On what happened on his interception for a touchdown) – "I have no idea, it kind of just went right into my hands and I had to do something with it. It was a great play and it happened to come to me."


(On how it felt to get involved early in the offensive game-plan) – "I mean, it was big. Any time your number is called and you get the chance to make a play for your team. Like I said, I go out every day and just try to prove that I can be depended on by my teammates and for them to call my number three times, that says a lot."

(On if scoring in the 4th quarter last week acted as a springboard into tonight) –"I definitely think that it did. Anytime you go down big against the defending Super Bowl champs. … You know, the team showed a lot of fight. It's easy to just give up in that situation but they didn't. That's big."

(On what this win means to him) –"It's always good when you get a chance to play against your former team and to get a chance to see those guys; so many familiar faces. To get a chance to go against them and then to come out on top is a great feeling. Like you said, at the same time it's just one win so you can't get too high on yourself. You've got to come out next week and play another game."


(Talk about QB Tyrod Taylor's performance) – "Complete domination. He was in complete control of the game. He got us all lined up. He read his matchups very well and he went to the matchup that he liked. We knew it was going to be one on one all game and you see pretty much all the receivers and tight ends had catches today."

(Do you think he was motivated after last week when people said he looked awkward in the pocket and looked like a rookie?) – "For me knowing "T" (Tyrod Taylor), even from back in Virginia, he's always a competitor when the light shined, and when people are talking the most that's when he's the most looking to show up. Today I think he had, what, seven incompletions and three hundred (300) yards. We will take that any day."

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