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What they're saying: Bills downplay record-setting performance in loss to Miami



Q: What was it that got you guys rolling in the second half?

A: We started making plays. Run the ball, run the ball, take shots the way that we're built. That's how we're built. We run the ball. With the looks we get as far as one high safety man coverage, anytime you get a guy one-on-one with (Charles) Clay or Sammy (Watkins), you know the ending. Just that's the way we are built. We run the ball and take some shots.

Q: With complementary football, passing game, this is the best game you guys have had all season.

A: You're right we kind of did what we wanted to do, moving the ball. At the end we kind of did a little trickery to it with the flee flicker, but we were running, throwing, running, throwing. Every once in a while they would make a stop.

Q: LeSean that was a Bills record for net yards, you set personal records, what's that like?

A: I mean, all the numbers you just named, that's great don't get me wrong, I don't want to take anything from that, but I mean we lost. So that's the only stat that really matters.

Q: How much does this feel like a wasted opportunity?

A: Yeah, like I said it's a waste. We didn't win the game, so it's a waste. All the numbers and highlights, but we lost the game so there's no satisfaction about that at all.



Opening Comments:Alright, obviously a tough day to say the least. Our guys fought their butts off and at the end of the day it wasn't enough. I tip my hat to our guys. Even down 14 we kept battling back and Miami's a good football team, they deserved the game and they won it.

Q: What happened with the decision with punting on fourth down with 4:00 left with your playoff future on the line?

A: At that time, and I even told our offense I said, "we're going to ride you guys if we can," but in that situation I was like we're going to pin them down deep, if we get a stop we're going to have time to get field goal range to win the game, so that was what I thought. I didn't think we'd have 10 guys on the field like we did on that run but that's what happened.


Q: What changed the rhythm from the first half and the second half?

A: We just continued to be consistent with our approach. We knew going into this game that we could take advantage of a lot of match ups especially on the back game and we were able to do that. We were able to make some of those explosive plays that we haven't made that much this year. I think that shows when you have all those guys, all those workers on the field at one time how explosive we can be.

Q: When the offense is that hot, how much do you notice it during the game as opposed to looking at the stat sheet at the end of the game can you feel it?

A: Oh you know it.

Q: What's it like?

A: I mean, just telling everybody in the huddle to continue to make plays. You have Shady (LeSean McCoy) out there continuing to make plays, Sammy (Watkins) out there with his match ups and (Charles) Clay getting into a groove. Anytime (Charles) Clay comes to the sidelines to tell you "I can beat whoever they put on top of me", you've got to feel comfortable and confident about that as a quarterback. Those are the things that you like to hear. I definitely felt like we were in a groove, just didn't make enough plays to win today.

Q: Your job has been brought up a lot in the past month, after today doing everything that was asked of you, what do you think today does for you?

A: I'm just going to continue with the same passion. Continue with the same attitude as far as getting better. Putting those talks and conversations, I mean those talks are out of my hands. All I can do is go out there and play football and that's what I'm going to continue to keep doing. That decision doesn't need talking about, I'm just going to keep do what I keep doing, all I can do is go out there and play and I'm just going to continue to play.

Q: Your 300 yard play, it speaks for yourself, but what do you think about it?

A: I would just say that it's definitely unfortunate that it wasn't on the winning side. Of course you want to have those types of numbers with a "W" beside the team name, but as a team we were able to do that. Stats aside, yes it was a good day, but like I said from day one, wins and losses is what you take into account as a quarterback and today goes into the loss category and I'm not happy about that. The fact that my car got wrecked this morning in an accident doesn't help.



Q: You have been around some tough losses here, where does this rank?

A: It definitely hurt. You got to give them the credit because they fought hard, but I mean for kind fight back the way we should I definitely thought we had the victory. Then to go into overtime and to lose it like that definitely hurt.

Q: Jay Ajayi seemed to have cooled off the last couple of weeks what did it seem like got him going again?

A: I'll have to look at the film to better assess what happened. We just have to play better. We didn't come out and play well at all. Our offense did a fantastic job of putting up points and we just couldn't get off the field for the most part. So we got to play better, we didn't show up.


Q: Can you express the level of disappointment and frustration?

A: Yeah, we're really disappointed. We fought our butts off today. It was a four-quarter game and we go down, score the winning touchdown, then they drive right down and get that field goal. We went into overtime mode, you know? I was kind of reminding guys during that last drive that they had to get ready for overtime. They yanked that field goal in and yeah. It's terrible. We went down, we had an opportunity to score, and we didn't.

Q: Offensively, you guys set a franchise record today for yardage. You did almost everything you could do from an offensive perspective. To see it kind of go in a wasted effort like that, how disappointing is that?

A: Yeah, it's tough. Like I said, we fought. We fought, we kept fighting, kept swinging. It's a disappointing outcome.


Q: When Rex [Ryan] chose to punt in overtime – when a tie wouldn't have done you guys any good – what was the thought process amongst players when you saw that?

A: I didn't really think much about it. I knew if we punted, they would have to go very far so it would be a decent situation. I think it was a good call in that situation. I don't know. You can be aggressive; you can go either way. But I mean, [head coach Rex Ryan] relied on the defense and we didn't get the stop.

Q: As a defense – I mean, your offense broke a team record today for yards. As a defense, you guys failed today. Would you characterize that as a failure?

A: It sucks, man. It's definitely [a failure]. The guy really rushed for 200 yards again. Like, come on. This is what, the third guy to get 200 yards rushing? I've never been a part of anything like that. I've never seen anything like that. I don't get it. I mean, we came in knowing that they were going to run the ball and we got eight, nine guys in the box sometimes – and we still couldn't stop the run. I don't know what to tell you guys.

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