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What they're saying: Bills-Eagles postgame comments


Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening remarks:

"All right, this one's tough because I thought we were the better team today, but obviously we got beat. And you know, that is a good football team. Penalties – we've got ourselves to blame. You can't have that many penalties obviously and it's a no-brainer when you jump offsides a zillion times and we got – I don't know how many holding calls, but it looked like it was a record out there. We fumbled a punt. We played field position, make them go three-and-out again and think we're going to get good field position and we fumble a punt. So we've got ourselves to blame on this one. How it affects us – we're going to be sick, I can tell you that much, if this costs us, which it probably will."       

On not being able to get something going on offense:

"Well, we kept shooting ourselves in the foot. We had penalty after penalty. We get a first down. Penalty. Look back. Penalty. Penalty. That was the difference. I thought we were moving the ball up and down the field on them, it's just we'd get a darn penalty. That's the difference. We didn't allow ourselves to get into any kind of rhythm because we're backed up. It's now first-and-20 or third-and-15 or whatever the heck it is and when you're behind the sticks it's tough to do anything."

On whether this game was really a snapshot of the team's whole season:

"Yeah. I mean just the lack of consistency I think. We had a lot of guys out and I thought some guys stepped in and played well. It's just tough to play against this offense and in particular I thought the defense for the most part rose to the occasion. We obviously have to learn how to play the 8-7 switch, which I thought we did as the game went on. But there were a lot of good things. I think on offense we did a lot of good things, but we just made too many penalties. That's just what it was."

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor*

On what shifted between the first half and the second half:

"I think we moved the ball really well, but we shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. The penalties of course definitely hurt us. You can't really have those and go out there and win. I think we moved the ball well and we were able to push the ball down the field. We just didn't capitalize at the end."

On being disappointed for RB LeSean McCoy after today's loss:

"I'm disappointed in the loss – especially for a guy like LeSean, their leading rusher for the Philadelphia Eagles franchise to come home. You want to win for him. We play for each other on that field, and definitely any time you lose, definitely a game like this – it's definitely big. I'm disappointed for the team. That was definitely a game we should've won."

On his growth as the QB throughout this season:

"I'm just focused on winning games right now and continuing to get better. I think I've shown some good things and definitely learned some things that I could correct. It's not about me right now, it's more so to continue whatever I can to go out on Sundays and help the team win."

Bills WR Robert Woods

On his thoughts about the first half performance versus the second half performance:

"I think we were executing our game plan, which is to move the ball and put up points and I think the penalties slowed us down in that aspect."


On his first 100-yard receiving game this season:**

"It does not matter at all. We are fighting to get wins here not stats. We are trying to win and we fell short."

On the attitude on the final Bills drive:

"We are feeling confident. We are on the sideline getting ready. We were only down three with plenty of time left. We have the weapons, we have the quarterback to comeback, but the penalties cost us."

On the buildup to today's game and what does the team does now moving forward:

"We have to finish. We have a couple of games left and we have to win them."

Bills LG Richie Incognito

On the penalties and mistakes made today:

"It is impossible to win when you make that many penalties. We have to take ownership in the fact that we did not get it done in crunchtime. We had plenty of opportunities to win that game but we kept shooting ourselves in the foot. Two very costly penalties on myself and I definitely have to play better."

On the play of Eagles DE Fletcher Cox:

"Cox is a great player. He really shows up well on tape and we got to experience it firsthand today. I did not play my best and he beat me early and often. You have to take your hat off to him. I am man enough to say that I did not play well but we have to get back to work and move on to Washington."

On the team's attitude after today's loss:

"We live this every day. We know what that loss means."

Bills DE Jerry Hughes

On how frustrating it is for the team with this game overall:

"I'm disgusted, I mean for us to be so close and for us to kind of just lose it at the end there is bad. Just because you know the effort and the hard work we kind of put in, in the building and in the offseason. We have to hit the film and see how we can grow and just learn from this."

On whether he thought the team had the penalty issue under control:

"Yeah you just can't win games and I mean nobody can win games when you have that many penalties and you have more turnovers than the other team, I don't think many teams can win games like that. We have to figure out a way to be better and to be better disciplined."

On what the mindset was coming into this game and where it is after the game:

"The mindset was we're going to come here on the road and get a victory. This is like our playoff game, for us to be successful and to get to anything we're going to have to be on the road and win some games. So this was a test for us and we didn't come out and play good football at all. I hang my head down low because it was just bad ball."

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