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What they're saying: Bills-Giants postgame comments



Q: How do you get the penalties under control and find a balance as a head coach?

A: Well balance is ... we've got to play within the rules. We all know that. Did it happen today? Apparently not, we had 17 penalties, two touchdowns called back, a fumble, all that kind of stuff. I get it, no question about it. But I mean…you know we can focus on the negatives and all that, and I get it. That's your guys' job, but you might not understand the game the way I understand it because I've been on the other side. I've been a part of a 20-some penalty performance by the Ravens, okay and went on and we fixed it. We'll fix it here. But one thing is we got heart, and at least I know we got that and that the team will line it up regardless of the stuff that we take, negative-wise. We'll be standing there, right there and ready to toe-the-line again next week. I promise you that.

Q: What was the problem on offense?

A: We were struggling. I mean obviously in the first half, especially. We couldn't do anything. They three-and-outed us a bunch, we just couldn't get anything going. But you got to give them credit, they did a great job. Especially stopping the run. I thought they did a tremendous job and it just was one of those things. But we kept fighting. I thought we'd have opportunities at the end and it was tough. And ... we had two touchdowns called back. That wasn't the reason we lost but it took a little wind out our sails. I'll be truthful about that and obviously one was a holding call and one was a chop block, I think.


Q: Why didn't you guys throw the ball more down the field in the first half?

A: The plan was to execute somewhat of a quick game and get some things going and get some guys going. We just didn't get as many yards as we wanted to on those third downs when it came down to it. We're not executing on third down and we know to be good team that we have to win the third down battle.

Q: How frustrating was it for you to have two touchdowns called back because of penalties?

A: It's something you have to deal with. Definitely want to eliminate those penalties. To be the team we want to be we need to eliminate those penalties across the board. It would have been big to have those touchdowns but you have to play and keep going.

Q: Is this team undisciplined with all of the penalties?

A: It's definitely something that we have to address as a team. To be the best team that we want to be we definitely have to eliminate those penalties. It cost us some yards and it's something that we need to address moving forward.


Q: You were continuously able to find [Charles] Clay. Was he a focal point of today's game?**

A: We liked his matchups and he did a good job of getting open. It's my job to find him and he did a good job of getting open.

Q: What happened on the goal-line stand?

A: I went with the play call. It was more so a lack of execution from us. Just have to get it in, there's no way around it. In that situation we need that touchdown and as players we have to do a better job of getting it in.

Q: How do you improve on third down?

A: Like I said earlier, just going out there and executing the quick game. We felt that they were dropping, trying to get underneath and get the first down after the catch. Weren't able to do that on some of the throws and stalled on the drives.


Q: How frustrating is the inconsistency?

A: Yeah, you know I think there is a lot to figure out. I think a lot of that falls back on communication. Sometimes we are communicating well, sometimes we're not. Different spots in the game and it is really not even week-to-week, it is really drive-to-drive, series-to-series. You know it is really good then it falls down and obviously some of it is holding us back.

Q: You used the word embarrassing after the New England game, what do you say after more penalties today?

A: I would say that New England was definitely the low point. Because there are a lot of things going on out there today, from a lot of different perspectives, you know a lot of things you get in trouble for we're talking about. So we will just leave it at that. Obviously we do have to be better, but a lot of people have to be better.

Q: Is there a suggestion that the penalties aren't all on you guys?

A: We have to play smarter, and be better to take ourselves out situations that we got into today. You know like I said, there was some things that were provoked today that weren't provoked in New England.


Q: Do you feel this is an undisciplined team the penalties keep racking up?

A: I don't think it is an undisciplined team, I think we are just playing our game, playing free but we got to play in control. And just be aware of the situations and play within the whistles. * *

Q: What do you think was the problem in the first half with the offense?

A: I think it was just a slow start, you know. It was quiet it seemed quiet. Started picking up when Ron Brooks made a big hit, but we need that a lot early on.


Q: Take us through your interception real quick

A: I had to be aggressive and they were thinking of (dinking and) dunking us so I said, I have to be aggressive and jump some routes and try to get the ball back to our offense.


Q: Did you show confidence in Darby by letting him matchup on Beckham?**

A: Oh yeah, I have 100% confidence in him. You know we work every day in practice, he asks me questions, and he's making plays when they come his way so, I'm very confident in him, that's why we don't have to switch sides because I feel like he's making plays when they come his way.

Q: What happened, and what do you take from this game moving on?

A: We didn't start as well as we wanted to. The penalties hurt us too, so we had to be smarter there, and like I said, we have to learn from our mistakes and I know I said it before but, we have to do things to help our team win whether its offense, defense, or special teams, so I think if we do that, we'll be good.


Q: The penalties, some miscues, very reminiscent of week two. Do you guys feel like you just resorted back to letting it get the best of you?

A: No, I just got to play better football. We can't give up that third down play and we just have to communicate and be a better defense.

Q: You seemed really emotional toward the end of the game there. What was going on there, on the field?

A: We lost the game. You can't be happy when you lose the game. We need to come in and execute the game plan so we can be 3-1. We're not 3-1 so I don't think anybody is happy.

Q: Jerry, you called it a test of character, how would you say that the team is doing, you know, in that test right now?

A: It's week four, we got a long ways to go so, I mean, we got to learn from these games. Games like this you got to learn from and we got to hit the film so we can figure out ways we can get better. Those are the only ways we are going to be a playoff team. So we learn from this, and we just keep on moving. We can't look back, the game's over with.


Q: Where's the line between playing aggressively and going over it?

A: Oh we're over it. I mean, it's embarrassing. It is embarrassing to go out there and get all those penalties, I mean it is one after another. Dumb penalties, situations you just have to shut up sometimes. So its one of those situations we can't afford to do it, and we can't spot teams all those yards and we just have to be more disciplined, it's very disappointing.

Q: Did you sense any of this during the week?

A: No, I mean honestly it is one thing causing something, it's one of those situations where somebody said something or somebody doing something, pushing you or this and that and then you react, and then you get called for it, and then when you're a team that's known to push the edge, you tend to get a lot more or those penalties, so referees are a lot faster to throw the flag on us, because they know us, we're going to play tough we're going to play physical, I mean when you do it, it's a chance you're going to get more penalties.


Q: Through most of the first half it seemed like there was something missing …

A: Yeah, we couldn't get it going. We couldn't get the run game going, and a lot of it is just you have to execute on third down and then it's tough, they expect you to run the ball to start the series and then we just never got going and fortunately we we're able to get it going in the second half but, just didn't capitalize in the red zone and that's a big deal.


Q: What were the problems running the ball?

A: They're a great run defense. They were number two in the NFL coming in so, they're coming in and playing to stop the run against us, against anybody so, they get well due respect for that.

Q: Talk about your touchdown.

A: No huddle offense, we kept moving the ball, Tyrod (Taylor) called the play, gave me my route and pretty much just beat the guy, stacked the linebacker outwards into the end zone, Tyrod threw a great ball. 

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