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What they're saying: Bills-Patriots postgame comments


QB Tyrod Taylor

Q: Tyrod, you knew against a team like this your execution needed to be tight. I guess run through the settling for the field goal on the first drive, second possession you had a couple of drops, you had guys open, just seemed like you weren't on point with everything.

A: Yeah. We definitely didn't do a good job with extending drives. I think we left some plays out there on the field definitely early on in the game to get ourselves into a groove and that's definitely something we have to be better at moving forward.

Q: Rex was very unhappy with the mistakes overall what is your take on that, you need to play smarter?

A: Yeah, we definitely gotta clean up in a lot of areas, be the team that we want to be and reach the potential that we know that we have. We definitely have to play smarter and it all comes down to us executing and us cleaning up the penalties as well.


DT Marcell Dareus**

Q: First of all how did you feel being back out there with the guys?

A: I mean I felt pretty good. We were flowing pretty good for the most part, just a couple blown things, couple missed coverages, and (Tom) Brady will tear you apart from there. So we just had a good time out there, but at the same time I wish we would have won the game.

Q: How tough is it to play against Brady when you don't play a perfect game?

A: You lose. That is it for the most part, he is a pretty good player, everyone knows that.

Q: Communication is a word that has been brought up, was that an issue today?

A: Yeah. One thing we pride ourselves on this year was the better communication we built over the offseason. For the communication to fall the way it did was kind of a blow to the stomach. We are just kind of trying to get back to it, get back to what we normally do and sticking to it. Happens like that sometimes.


WR Robert Woods**

Q: How did you feel out there, and did you have any limitations?

A:  I felt pretty good, just going as my number was called no real limitations out there. It felt good, felt healthy.

Q: Does it limit what you guys can do as you go further down the depth chart, you can only over come so much?

A: Yeah, at the same time it is still our team. This is next man up, still Bills, still our team. We got to be able to step up, make plays and contribute. Doesn't matter, third down on our depth chart, fourth down on our depth chart, doesn't matter. There are guys we have, we trust to make plays. When they are called up we got to do something.

Q: When did it seem to get away from you guys?

A: Penalties. Penalties on offense, penalties on defense. We messed up early on, put ourselves in bad situations on third downs, and on their third downs we gave them first downs. So penalties cost us.

Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening Comments:Alright, obviously, you know, shoot, we weren't good enough. The better team won today without question. We made way too many mistakes—mistakes we haven't made all season and against a guy like (Tom) Brady, he makes you pay anytime you have a mistake and we knew that going in and he was true to form, but we didn't deserve to win by any stretch. The Patriots deserved it and they won the game, without question. So with that, I'll open it up.

Q: Was that the most discouraging thing? Because it looked like last year in terms of mistakes and just not bring smart.

A: I guess it was similar, I don't know. It was without question frustrating. You get them backed way up on the third-and-long and we blow a coverage that---it's just 10 guys playing one thing and somebody else playing something else. And even if you're not singing out of the same hymnal, it looks bad and sounds bad and everything else.

Q: Is it a bit of a revolving door with guys coming in-and-out from injury or suspension? It seems like losing and getting big-name players is a weekly occurrence. In terms of your personnel, do you feel thin in terms of your roster?

A: No, I think it's just that some guys have to understand that you might be a backup, but your role can drastically change. I mean drastically change. And if you're the fourth guy up, you might have to play and that kind of happened to us a little bit today and (it) can't be an excuse, you got to be ready. Unfortunately we made some mistakes and even if we don't make mistakes, I don't think it was going to be good enough today. I mean that team was on fire and they deserve all the credit.


DT Kyle Williams**

Q: How much was third down an issue not being able to get off the field?

A: It is a lot of it. When we didn't make it, not communicate well, blew some defenses and we weren't good on third down. That is a really good formula to get beat by those guys.

Q: A lot of guys are talking miscommunication on your end not, necessarily by what they did?

A: No, that is both. Yeah we blew some plays that lead to some of their big plays, but we didn't play well enough in general. So it is not all on us. It is them outplaying us too.

Q: Half the season left, big picture?

A: Half the season left, disappointed obviously the last couple weeks. Especially here coming home and losing and just really not performing well. Just through, like I said blown assignments, bad eyes, and giving a really good football team second opportunities. True character will get tested now. We have to go on the road against probably the best team in the NFC. So we have to get ready for that, we are going to go back to work. We kind of got tested there at 0-2 and here we are again. So I think the guys will respond and we have to put our best foot forward.

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