What they're saying: Bills players discuss big plays in win vs. Jaguars



Q: How did that 75 yarder feel for you?

A: You know what, they actually had us down. Today, this was probably the first time a team has stuck with it (and say) we're going to stop the run and keep an extra defender. So how the runs are planned and formed every lineman accounts for a defender, but this game we didn't have a lot of runs with the quarterback, you know usually the quarterback can take a guy with him, but we didn't do that a lot today. So we always had an extra defender trying to get into the mix and then they kind of sealed them and then there was two guys and I just juked them and just ran. Off the line they kind of sealed it off, you know, just made the play.

Q: Was there any change at all when Tyrod (Taylor) hit Sammy (Watkins) on the deep ball, did it loosen up?

A: Yeah. A little bit. A little safe, but then it was just them trying to play the sticks. Or guessing, are they throwing or running? After most things they were trying to stop the run, but they were also trying to play the sticks because we're a running team. You know, but when we hit Sammy (Watkins) he was playing man coverage and I guess they thought that the rookie had the confidence with (Sammy) Watkins, but Sammy (Watkins), he's the real deal.

Q: Describe to us what it's like for us that don't know what it's like to run a 75 yard touchdown if they were to put on one of those reality masks, what would it look like when you made that play?

A: You know what, this is a great example. I want to say about 2003, they used to have this thing called the Michael Vick experience, right. They put it on T.V. and they have the whole virtual, something like that. Like a rollercoaster. You can just hear the crowd, you can feel the guy and then you look on the screen and you're like "I got him deep", especially when all the fans are yelling. That's probably the closest thing.




Q: First time playing since Week Two. How did it feel to get back out there and did you feel comfortable? Everything feel good?

A: Felt good just being out there with the guys. I didn't really focus on myself. I was more focused on getting on the field, getting the butterflies out, getting tackled, getting pressed a couple of times, and, really, I had fun and enjoyed it. We got the win.

Q: You said you talked about getting deep. You say something to [Tyrod Taylor]? I mean, this guy stepped up in the second half.

A: Most definitely. I definitely did go over to him, [saying] "Hey, this is how they're playing me." In the first half, they did a great job with putting their hands on me. I was moving too fast for myself. In the second half, I kind of slowed myself down. Every time I came to the line, [I] actually focused on the release. We knew we had that matchup and Tyrod did a great job throwing the ball out there, giving me a chance, and I made the play.

Q: It's like a new team. Does you being back give your teammates a sense that this team could make a playoff run?

A: No, those guys have been believing and been winning. I'm just here to join and help. They've been doing a great job on offense with running the ball. The wideouts have been doing a great job without having [Robert] Woods and me and a couple of guys nicked up. It's for us to just keep on winning and keep on doing the things that we've been doing. I'm just added help. I'm not here to go out and make every play, but I'm here to help and do my job.



Q: Did you have a conversation with Sammy (Watkins) at halftime?

A: We were getting a feeling for how do we play now. Playing the DB's a couple times early in the game (Jalen) Ramsey was traveling and I had the same couple of looks. We came to the conclusion that we thought we could get a deep shot on him and he did a great job of tracking the football on that play.

Q: Talk about the spark LeSean McCoy provided today in the second half

A: Oh that was big. Anytime you have an explosive play like that it's big for the offense. Just a momentum booster and we were able to build off of that play coming out at halftime and turn things around in the second half. It was an ugly first half but like I said, that was a great way to start the second half and for us to build momentum.

Q: How justifiable is it when people want to see classic quarterback things from you?

A: I think the game has definitely changed. I mean every quarterback, 32 quarterbacks, play it differently. I'm going to do what I've been doing. It's gotten me to this point, and just continue to keep building and growing my game from that. Honestly, I don't play to please the people that are watching. I play for my teammates and whatever it takes to win.

Q: How important was it to score right before and after halftime?

A: It was very big. We called it a two for one. Getting points right before the half and coming out at halftime and getting points as well. It was definitely big for us, like I said, the first half wasn't pretty by any means. We stalled on a couple drives and just couldn't get things going but, after coming back and making a couple of adjustments in halftime, we were able to go out and make some plays in the second half.


Q: I think you've got more touchdown catches now than catches that haven't gone for touchdowns. It's kind of an amazing stat at this point, isn't it?

A: Yeah, I'm not going to complain about it. They keep coming right there. I'll take them as they come. As long as I'm in the red zone, it's my zone.


Q: Where are you with the offense? Has it been enough time for you to be totally comfortable with the entire playbook and stuff?**

A: I feel like it is. Every week, putting in different things, I'm coming along with it. And you know, week-by-week it's game planning so we want to come in and play and I don't argue with it. Just go in and do what I've got to do.


Q: What were the thoughts at halftime with it a 7-6 game?

A: We knew our offense was coming back out and we knew they were going to score so we just had to do our part. I mean second half, we didn't play as well as we needed to. They scored way too many points. A team like that shouldn't have scored on us at all. But it was run lanes, things like that were bad the whole day but when you find a way to win in this league, you go home a little happy. So we're all right.

Q: Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams had big games. What's it like playing behind those guys?

A: It's great playing behind those guys. I mean it make our jobs so much easier because they can't come up to us as fast. If they do, they're going to make the tackle in the backfield each and every time like you saw today. So playing behind those guys, me and Zach (Brown) have so much fun playing behind them.


Q: Last two weeks yourself and Marcell [Dareus] played outstanding. When you guys get into a flow like that, do you feel like – up front – you're about as good as anybody in the NFL?

A: Yeah, I think we've got some guys that can make plays up front and feed off of one another and create things for another. [Dareus] can create things for me, I can create them for him, [Lorenzo Alexander] can create them for both of us, [and] so can Jerry [Hughes]. So, I mean, it's really all about playing off of each other [and] getting a feel for it. Which, you know, we missed with him early, but he's coming back and doing well now.

Q: Is it almost that point in the season where it's almost like survive-and-advance any way you got to?

A: I guess every game is kind of survive-and-advance. You're just trying to scratch and claw and win a football game. You know, the NFL is so tough. There are great players everywhere. That's a talented football team. We did a lot of self-inflicted damage but, at the end of the day, when it came down to it, offensively [and] defensively, we made a few plays and they were enough to win the game.


Q: How big is it for you to have a game like this?

A: It just feels great to be out there, be out there with the fellas, be out there with Kyle Williams. Just the great, the defense that we have, we are part of, good friendship, and they help bring it to me, I am just surprised I am the lucky one to fall in front of them.

Q: What was going through your mind being out at the end there?

A: We have been playing good together, we have really good chemistry, I knew we were going to pull it out by the play call that Rex (Ryan) put together for us. Things just started falling a lot better for us. And Rex knows what he is doing, he gave me a breather so I could, he just put (Leger) Douzable in and we just kind kept moving forward and it worked for us.



Q: You have a guy like Shady is it easy to not get frustrated because eventually he is going to pop one?

A: Yeah that is our mentality, he is a dynamic playmaker. We keep hitting them, hitting them and hitting them and one of those is going to pop, one of those is going to go. Luckily it came out in the second half and gave the entire team some juice.

Q: That was your two biggest playmakers making plays, that is what this team thrives on right?

A: Yeah, we have dynamic playmakers on this roster and they stepped up today and made plays and kind of dug us out of a hole because we couldn't get much going.

Q: How much of a spark did Sammy's return provide overall for the team?

A: Yeah it was great, it was great to get that long completion down the sideline because it felt like we just kept spinning our wheels and we really couldn't pick up a first down. To got over the top and get that huge completion it gave the entire team some juice.

Q: What is the emotion at the end of this game, joy, relief?

A: Happy, happy to get a win. Right now at this part of the season a win is a win. It could be ugly, it could be by 30 points, but you need to collect as many wins as possible and keep approaching this thing one week at a time, one game at a time, one win at a time. 

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