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What they're saying: Bills players discuss their fourth straight victory


RB LeSean McCoy

Q: I know that the trade was hard on you, but you didn't mention Chip Kelly this week at all and didn't make a big deal.

A: No. I'm passed that. To sit here and tell you that it didn't affect me last year, I would be lying. It was tough. I think anybody, and of you guys, if you're doing so well at your job and they basically passed that. That's a whole year later, I'm here with this team - this Buffalo team and everything's Buffalo. Sure there were people texting me about this and that, but I didn't care about that. I care about winning games for Buffalo. We're 4-2 right now. We have a chance to go get another win, you know 5 in a row. Yeah so everybody right now is in a great place. 

Q: What's the biggest difference for you? Is it simply health, because last year you said at the end that you didn't feel great about your game.

A: I'm just going to be honest with you. You know last year I played okay. I was hurt, you know. Instead of sitting out and not playing I would rather go out there and be 75-80% and that's how I am, that's how I've been. And another thing, it's the guys up front. I mean, they're really getting their blocks. They're hitting every time. There's not a favorite left or right, they're all blocking together. That's a lot of credit to the guys up front and they're making my job easy just to go one on one with defenders, that's not that hard, so that's the reason I think I'm playing like this. And also I've been working hard and as a player you read things sometimes. You see things and you know, it drives you. I think that, the hard work and the guys up front. That's it, simply.

Q: Your aunt was out there for the breast cancer survivors, how did that make you feel to see her here?

A: Yeah I gave her a kiss. It was special just to see her and she's doing well. We talk a lot. My cousin, Chris Henderson, he's always back and forth to see me, so it was cool to see her. Actually watch me up close and play, so that was good.

Q: Talk about blocking those guys up front, tell us about Jerome (Felton).

A: Jerome, out of the running backs for sure, he's scoring the highest, he's playing well. This is more of his offense. 'I see my guy, I go blow him up.' There's times I don't follow him and I don't do as well. I may get a one or two-yard gain, but Jerome is blowing it up. You know it's kinda tough now cause we're trying to mix it up and a lot of the plays have been going to Jerome so we need to mix it up, throw the defense off a little bit, but when we need some runs we go behind Jerome Felton. I'm happy to have him. 

Head coach Rex Ryan*

Q: How amazing is LeSean McCoy to you, especially these last two games?

A: Well I think Rob (Ryan) said it best when he was talking to the team last night when he said, he's going over our team and he goes, "And what did we have to give up for LeSean McCoy? What, three first-round picks?" And I go, "No, not really." But I'm glad he's on our team.

Q: You often joke that people say you forgot how to coach. How validating is this for you and your brother and your staff to do this?

A: Well I think in red-zone (defense), we did a decent job there again. We were upset we gave up our first first-down completion for a first-down down there, so we're doing a great job. Coaches are doing a great job of running things and we got a good plan and we stayed with it. Never really altered from the plan at all, we just stayed the course and things worked out. I know (Colin) Kaepernick—I looked in there and he had (a) 144.0 quarterback ranking at halftime, I'm like, "Seriously? Like you've got to be kidding me." But I thought we tightened down the screws obviously in our pass coverage and played much better in the second half.

Q: Can you sense any type of difference in McCoy given what happened in the offseason when he came back?

A: No. I think, talking to LeSean, he was really disappointed (with) how he played last year. And all of us as we know, and I've told him several times, like all of us here in Buffalo, we think, "Hey man, you've played great." And he's like, "No, I can play better." And I guess he was right but we would have been happy with how he played last year. But he was driven, he wants to win and he wants to be the best player he possibly can be and he's in great shape.

Q: Coach what did the atmosphere of the stadium feel like to you right before the national anthem?

A: Oh I thought it was awesome. Our fans are here, there's a butt in every seat, so it was a great atmosphere. It's what you expect here in Buffalo. The crowd's fantastic and you know, you're right. We got to win games that were supposed to win at home, especially in front of our fans. I mean it should be tough to come into here and it is.

QB Tyrod Taylor

Q: Over 300 rushing yards, when you hear a number like that, I know the wins and loses are the most important thing, but when you have a game plan that's supposed to run the ball and that's the number at the end of the day, this has to feel good.

A: It feels good. The win trumps all that. If we did that and it wasn't a winning effort, we wouldn't be up here talking and smiling about it. The fact that we were able to do that in a winning fashion, definitely was big for us. We were able to create some plays down the field and in the passing game too. I think definitely getting the run game started definitely opened up some things for us in the passing game.

Q: I know you've been asked about McCoy as a player several times, is there a word association that fits best for what he can do out there on the field?

A: He's just very dynamic, and I've said this before. Whether it's in the running game or the passing game, he's a playmaker. He wants the ball and when he gets the ball he knows what to do with it and he can create plays. Some of those plays that he made out there today from the backfield position, there's only one or two guys, maybe just him, that could do that in the National Football League. I'm glad to have him behind me and I'm glad to be on a team with him fighting each and every day. 

Q: Now that it's four straight wins, looking at the bigger picture, how well do you feel you're executing overall, the offense at this point, and what has been the impact of the change at coordinator?

A: We haven't been playing our perfect game by any means but guys are definitely going out there and making in plays in the running game and the passing game. We're learning each other weekly. We're taking it one day at a time. We're definitely taking steps in the right direction. We just have to continue to keep getting better, correct some of things we didn't do so well today, and put it behind us and get ready for next week. 

C Eric Wood

Q: Most rushing yards since 1992 by the Bills. Can you talk a little bit about the effort you guys had today on the ground?

A: Yeah, our backs are good. You give them any crack and they can make a big play. [LeSean McCoy] had a couple phenomenal runs, Touchdown Mike [Gillislee] had some good plays and Tyrod [Taylor] made some plays on his feet on pass plays. Everybody contributes on a day like that.

Q: First four-game winning streak since 2008. How does that feel?

A: Yeah, it's my first one and it feels good. We needed it after starting 0-2, but we just have to take it one game at a time. It's cliché, but we have to get jacked up for this week.

WR Robert Woods

Q: When the running game was working like that, how does that affect everybody else? It's got to open up a lot of things, I would think.

A: I mean, yeah. It opens up a lot. Our running backs did a lot of damage and put up a lot of points. It makes it easy for [the rest of the offense]. Teams have been putting a safety down and trying to stop our backs, but they're still able to get away with big games like that.

Q: Does LeSean – when you look at him – is it like, "Man, this guy's really impressive?" What are you impressions?

A: I was just talking to Cardale [Jones] about him. Greatest running back I've ever played with. Just seeing him move and how quick he moves – he ran over me today. He makes guys miss. He's elusive, fast, and everything you want in a back. G Richie Incognito

Q: Can you feel the momentum building, and that the team has turned the corner?

A: Yeah, you feel it building. I think we are starting to surprise ourselves at how good we can be. We keep putting in the work, we keep pounding the rock, and we just have the right mindset right now. We just keep moving forward, collect as many wins as possible, and hopefully get into the post season.

LB Preston Brown

Q: When your running game is working like that how easy does it make it for you guys?

A: It is great, we keep their defense on the field a long time, we get a long break, and we get out there and get three and outs. We work as a team, special teams, offense, defense, it worked well today. 

Q: Four in a row, how does that feel?

A: Definitely, it has been a while since we won four in a row, so we go to go to Miami and keep it rolling.

Q: 2008, how does that make you feel?

A: 2008. I was a sophomore in high school probably. So it has been a while, but it is a new era right now. So it is good to see it happen.  

DT Kyle Williams

Q: Playoff teams win that game, playoff teams win that game at home, would you agree?

A: Yeah, that is definitely what good teams do. We were able to withstand their first surge. You know make a change looking for a spark and then able to put the game away at the end. It is just like the last few weeks, the answers are going to be boring. Really the thing that was won the last few games is our preparation. We have prepared really, really well and we will have to do it again this week.

LB Lorenzo Alexander

Q: On his eight sack of the year

A: Obviously just adding to the total. That's number eight for me, but that's a team stat in my mind. A lot of great rushers, from Jerry (Hughes), Kyle (Williams), Adolphus Washington is doing a great job as a young guy stepping up and (Leger) Douzable. But our offense set the tone. They were able to run the ball well, put points on the board and that gave us a chance to rush the passer. It got him out of that read zone and then Kap (Colin Kaepernick) had to stay in the pocket so, once that happened and we got a good lead, it gave us a chance to work and then rotate too. I mean Joe Staley is probably one of the best left tackles in the game right now, but we threw a lot of guys at him, and I just happened to be the guy to beat him at the end of the game right there. 

Q: Talk about special teams making a big impact in this game, such as the fumble on the punt.

A: I mean that's huge. Special teams are the body punches and that really set out offense up to go in and to continue to run the ball and put some points on the board so anytime you can have turnovers on special teams your chances of winning go way up. So that was a great play by him (Nickell Robey-Coleman) and guys just flying around wrapping him up and allowing Nickell to come in and finish him off and had a big time stip. I don't know who recovered it, but that was just guys hustling and flying around to the ball. 

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