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What they're saying: Bills players ponder missed opportunities in loss to Oakland



Q: How frustrating is it to not come out with the win today?

McCoy:"It (stinks), man, it really does. There are some plays I missed today that I wish I had back. It was a weird game because I felt like we did everything we could do early in the game. In the second half they came out firing. We were in zebra personnel, which is a passing [formation] and they had their big guys in trying to stop us from running the ball. We had some success and then we just collapsed. We couldn't move the ball, we couldn't do anything right. We stalled on a few drives and had the turnover. It was a super snowball effect. As a team, we can't win like that – especially on offense."

Q: Do you feel this game got stolen away from you?

McCoy: "Yeah. Once they were scoring and picking big yards up… we run the ball well, we try to control the game, and usually do. It just happened so fast."

Q: You slammed the ball after the last play – what caused that frustration?

McCoy: "We work so hard… I wanted to win this game. Don't get me wrong, they're a good team. They showed what type of team they are – they got stops when they needed stops, they scored when they needed to score. I know what type of team we are. We were right there, and we had it. I didn't think it was a close game. We didn't score, we couldn't even go down there and put three points up. I just felt like this is a game that we had in our hands that we let slip away. People will look at the scoreboard on their phone and they'll think, 'Wow. The Bills are the Bills. They lost.' The game was closer than that. The game was in our hands, we just lost it. You take one of the better teams in the NFL, and measure yourself against them, and we were right there. We had that game. It is what it is. We lost the game, we have to come back next week and get a win."



Opening Statement: "It was clear that we weren't consistent enough to win this game. We knew it was going to be a tough game. It's a good football team and we could afford very few mistakes. We knew that going into it. We had too many errors and obviously, we turned it over twice. We never managed to turn over on defense and that was a big difference in the game. I thought that we got on our heels and we never got off of them and that's defensively. That was obviously a big disappointment for me, but moving forward we got four games. We know what has to happen in those four games for us to get where we want to go and we are going to learn from this tape. We got to study it and get better in a hurry."


Q: Thoughts on RB LeSean McCoy's effort today?**

Coach Ryan: "He's a fantastic player. There's no question, you hate to ruin that kind of day from Shady. We know what he is, from every single time out the guy's the best player on the field. We just have to find ways to win as a team and it's always going to take that kind of day from Shady, that kind of effort and he gives it each time."

Q: What do you think about playoff chances?

Coach Ryan: "I have no idea. The last time I said we were out we got in. It's pretty obvious we have to win the rest of them to even have a chance, so we'll see what happens. Thank goodness we have the next three at home. We have to win every one of them and we understand that."


Q: What kept you from getting momentum back late in the game?

Taylor:"I would say a lack of execution on both sides of the ball. We had the early momentum, and I think we've got to do a better job of holding onto that momentum – especially in road games. Road games bring us all challenges, but whenever you can build momentum, if we keep building off of that, I think the better we are moving forward."

Q: What happened offensively in the second half?

Taylor:"We knew this was a great team that we were going up against. That's why we wanted to stay ahead. I added a change, and I think we did a good job of that early on. Unfortunate three and outs definitely stalled us, but we were never able to capture the momentum and make plays in the second half the way we were in the first half."

Q: How tough was this game with such a small margin for error?

Taylor: "We knew this game was going to be a must win for us, and moving forward is going to be [must win games], we just made it even tougher on ourselves, but we have the type of guys in our locker room who can bounce back. As far as moving forward, we just have to go out there and win."


Bills RB Mike Gillislee**

Q: There were a lot of plays for [Jerome] Felton [FB], it appeared, as a blocking back.  What does he add to the offense?

Gillislee: "Felton is one of the best NFL backs in the game. He's been around. I'm pretty sure that the team appreciates him. He did a hell of a job out there."

Q: When you guys run the ball like this, it usually means victory for you guys.

Gillislee: "We did all we could do, just didn't win the game."

Q: Four games left.  What does that mean for you guys going forward?

Gillislee: "We just have to work a little harder.  Go in to tomorrow and learn from our mistakes.  Keep moving forward."

Bills WR Sammy Watkins

Q: What happened to the offense in the second half?

Watkins:"First off, I think the defense played well. They started doing different things, but for the most part the offense, we hurt ourselves. We got the groove of the game, and flow of the game, and we never got it back. That was the one frustrating part."

Q: Were you surprised at how quickly the momentum turned at the end of the third quarter?

Watkins:"That's part of the game, especially them being at home. We didn't handle their momentum. I think they had a lot as well on offense. We just didn't capitalize well in the third and fourth quarter. I think that those are things that we got to get better as a whole team. We played well in the first half, but we never finished."

Q: It's tough to match points with the Raiders, isn't it?

Watkins:"Yeah, we knew that. They have a great offense. They got the same type of players as we have. Like I said, we didn't handle their surge the right way. We should've capitalized in the first half, and scored two more touchdowns. It would have been a different game, but we've got to clean up and watch film, and see what we lacked at and what we could've done better."

Bills S Corey Graham

Q: Talk about what happened there.

Graham:"I've never really been in a situation like that, it was like everything went wrong and we just couldn't make a play. Those guys were on a roll and it was like everything they did turned into gold, no matter what they called, what they did, they found a way to make plays. You've got to tip your hat to them. That's why they're 10-2 now and number one in their division in the AFC, because those guys find a way to make plays and they just made the plays and we didn't."

Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Q: How much did it effect the game when LeSean McCoy was gone for a series?

Coach Del Rio:"He was probably just catching his breathe. He was running like crazy. I mean that guy is a heck of a running back. He's one of the best in the business. I told him that afterwards. I said, 'Man, you are one heck of a running back. I have a lot of respect for you.' He's a good player. He made life difficult for us, but we settled in and got the stops we needed and got a nice victory."

Q: Is the key to defending McCoy having a second defender on him?

Coach Del Rio:"Have more than one guy there? Yeah, that's a good idea. It's tough to tackle him by [yourself]. Reminds me a little bit of a guy I played against name Barry Sanders. Just because he makes so many people miss. He has that ability to kind of hover a little bit and then accelerate. Not a lot of guys can do that."

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