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What they're saying: Bills react to the win over the Vikings




On the touchdown catch ...

I was just making the play. I saw they were heavy inside. I just came back outside. That was the read; just made the great play.

On Orton's poise late in the game ...

He's a leader. He knows where he's going with the ball. He put us in the greatest situations. He knows how to help us out on the field; put us in different areas. That's what we need – a veteran quarterback. I think we played good as a group today. Everybody made plays.

On the pressure to make plays ...

Of course. I've got to come out and make plays. I've got to be dominant early. That's the results of the day I think. We played well as a team. We dominated on offense even though we had turnovers. We moved the ball.



On the last drive ...**

I'd have to go back and watch it actually, it happened so fast I kind of forgot about some of the plays I think. Everybody kept their poise and determination. A lot of guys made different plays, (Scott) Chandler on the big fourth down, (Chris) Hogan to get us down there. Sammy (Watkins) I think had a big third down as well on an end cut and obviously the touchdown catch. Everybody hung in there and made plays when they were asked to.

On playing better next week ...

We've just got to get better, I think everybody did a better job this week of getting right to work, being focused, being ready to go on Wednesday. Obviously we didn't hang on to the football like we wanted to, but I thought from an execution standpoint we did some good things. Any time you've got a young team and a young offense you're going to have some growing pains. We're going to continue to get better and continue to win games.

On the 4th-and-20 play to Chandler ...

It was two man and they actually had a difficult time getting lined up so we kind of went fast and snapped the ball. I saw the linebacker go to Chandler and thought I had a good chance to put it around his head, I threw a pretty good ball and he made a good catch.

On the winning touchdown ...

I was going to Sammy, he was doing a great job for us and we had beat those guys on some slants earlier, we thought we had a good look to hit that play. He ran a great route and made a nice catch.



On the final drive**

There were situations that we practiced throughout the week; our final plays kind of thing. We knew - we called that play at the end, the one that I caught. I had a good idea that Kyle could… it was a good opportunity for him to throw me the ball. He alerted, "Be ready for a back shoulder," because they were obviously playing off. When I saw the ball, I knew I had to up and make a play.

On the offense's struggles but still finding a way to win ...

Dig deep. I had a big turnover. We had a couple big turnovers. It's something that we have to fix. All the praise goes to our defense for keeping us in this game and giving us the chance at the end to win. Every week we say we've got to start fast, and I think we did a good job moving the ball, but those little things hurt you. We've got to stop hurting ourselves as an offense.



On Sammy Watkins' involvement in the offense ...**

He got involved early and he was playing well and we targeted him 14 times I think. We did. We get a lot of questions or I get a lot of questions during the week of where he is and everything. We're just progressing with him and will keep going. The more that we can get stuff to him, we trust. He can get open, he has excellent hands, he can run after the catch and he can make plays. It's something that every week we're looking at. At the same time, we've got to be able to spread it out all over the place. It's not as easy as people think. Everyone's like, 'Hey, you've got get him the ball. Get him the ball.' There's no doubt. We've got to keep devising ways to do that, but what helps us get him the ball is when there's somebody else out there or multiple people out there that they've got to be concerned about.

On the final drive ...

It was tough for me to really recall every single play because we're trying to get a play to get the ball down the field. We're trying to do that. He did a nice job, he knew where he wanted and we knew the matchups of who we wanted to get the ball to. Obviously, there's a bunch of critical plays. The fourth down [for a] first down, [Chris] Hogan's play [where] he rips the ball away, clocking it. Then there are some things on that drive, the ten second runoff and throwing the ball away to where there's no one around. There are things going on. It was fast and furious. My recollection was that I just trying to get the ball down the field. They were mugging up. They were giving us the single high, even though they can mug up and go to the two shell. If they were going to take the chances I kept saying, 'Get the ball down the field. Let's get this ball down the field. All of you guys were saying the same thing too. You've got to get it down the field. It's disappointing. You know in those situations, I want to make sure we can protect better. It's unacceptable throughout the whole game. I mean it's third down, third and eight. Everyone knows you're throwing it. Protect. Okay? Don't get in bad situations. I was upset about that.


On watching the final drive ...

Absolutely. I have faith in those guys so I mean when they got the ball with the amount of time they had, it was plenty of time for them to go down there and execute what they've been doing in practice all week long, so I mean I was excited to just sit back and watch and just watch them handle that situation like pros.

On what has changed with this team and not losing a game like this ...

Just the guys' preparation. I mean you come in on Tuesday and you see everyone in the weight room working out. Guys going over film trying to figure out how they can get better and it's our young guys. It's guys who are rookies, first year, second year in the league. So when you have everyone pulling together and working like that in unison is shows big. They had a great two minute drive to finish off the game and we won tonight so it's cool to see how the hard work we've been putting in has been paying off.

On his sack late in the game ...

I was really just trying to get to the quarterback as fast as possible. I mean we didn't want them to score a touchdown. We knew if we were going to give our offense a chance a touchdown definitely can't happen so I mean we know the scenarios and situations so we just go out and try to play the game.



On the offense rebounding despite some negative plays in the first three quarters ...**

The whole first three and a half it felt like we couldn't get going couldn't get in sync. It felt like the past four year but that last drive wasn't the past four years. We're a different team this year, we just believe in one another more. Some huge plays from young guys down the stretch and obviously Kyle standing in there and making some great throws.

On the 4th-and-20 play ...

That's just Kyle trusting me that I'm going to get around that guy and putting it in a tight window and making a play.

On Orton having trust in him ...

I think that's what being a teammate is all about. You got to trust the guys around you. If you don't trust the guys around you, that's not what a teammate is. I want him to know that I'm going to make the next play and I think we all feel the same way about each other.


On being prepared for the extra workload ...

I've been preparing of my life for that. I work hard everyday, working on the little stuff and working on making plays for this team. I was prepared.

On what was going through his head after Fred and CJ went down ...

It's time to step up and be great. It's what I've been waiting for for a long time, getting that workhorse role and I just tried to take advantage.


On how this year's team is different than those in the past ...

Yeah, it's definitely different especially since I've been here. We would be in the close games, and we would be right there and then we just couldn't finish. So it's definitely a great sign to see us finish and go out and get the win on the last drive of the game and just win the game like that.

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