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What they're saying: Bills search for answers in New England loss


HC Sean McDermott

Opening Statement:Okay, we'll go ahead and get started here. I'm just going to open it up with talking about Tyrod [Taylor] here. Tyrod took a hit early in the game there. You saw him come out later in the game. He's being evaluated and that remains the case. I'm not going to get into next week at all at this point until I know a little bit more medically, at this point. With that, I'll open it up to questions.

Q: Would you concur that, I mean [Taylor] was hurt, granted, you can't win in the NFL with offense like that today?

A: Well we've got to do a better job. To score three points, we've got to do a better job. I'm not going to sugarcoat that at all. We've got to score more than three points and put a defense under pressure. I thought we had a first good drive and then we gave the ball up there. You can't do that in the NFL, in particular in the red zone. To come away with no points I thought was – although it was a good drive, it wasn't good enough.

Q: What was your feeling about that play, the one that Rob Gronkowski made?

A: Well, I thought it was a good play by Tre. I'll start off with the play itself. I wasn't happy about what ensued after that and I'll start with us as well. We've had some situations come up there, which we can't let that happen on our side either.

Q: You're the first team to hold them under 13 points in a half all year. Did you feel like the game was there for the taking because of that?

A: Right. I felt like, we knew they were getting the ball after half coming out and that we had done some good things. When you look back at it, there were some opportunities in the first half. We were down there early on the first drive [and had] opportunities to get off the field defensively [and] some opportunities special teams-wise. I thought if we came out after half and got off the field early, that that would be a key drive for us.

Q: Coach, what did you get out of Joe Webb today in the fashion that you used him? Do you feel like you got what you were looking for from him?

A: I thought there was some creative looks that we were able to give. Joe brings an added dimension to the position back there, whatever position he plays. It's unfortunate we had an opportunity with [Travaris] Cadet down the seam there that we overthrew, but I liked the energy Joe brought to the offense there.


RB LeSean McCoy**

Q: Will you guys remember what Gronkowski did today when you play them in a couple of weeks?

A: There's so much [more] from this game to focus on than that. We got outplayed. We have a lot we can get better on. Yeah, it was a nasty and dirty play. I've never seen him do it before. He's a hell of a player and a good person too. Surprising, but there are more important things to talk about.

Q: A day when your defense gets about as good as it can get against the Patriots and especially Brady. How frustrating for the offense to not perform.

A: It's frustrating, yeah. We had opportunities to capitalize on them earlier in the game. Not sure if that will make a difference between a win or loss but it will sure help it out. We were driving. Running, throwing, running, throwing. Then we had a turnover that hurt us. We can't do that against the Patriots. Other teams yeah you might get away with it but not against the Patriots. Then we drive again and miss the wildcat that was successful for us. Then we missed that pass from Joe (Webb) on that trick play. Those two plays would have been big for us.

Q: If Nate (Peterman) is the guy going forward. How comfortable and confident is the team in the rookie quarterback if Tyrod (Taylor) can't come back?

A: Well will see. We don't make any decisions early. Though we are who we are. If it's Nate. It's Nate. If Tyrod (Taylor) can't go, will support Nate and try to make it easier for him. Guys got to make plays. Even if it's harder for us, let's make it easier for him. That's all really you can do.

QB Nathan Peterman

Q: Was there any different feeling this time around? Obviously, Tyrod [Taylor] leaves the game, is there any different feeling when you got out there? I don't know if there were any difference in command of the offense or anything like that, could you tell us?

A: Not really, [you] always have to be ready. It just kind of feels the same out there, maybe things slow down a little bit, but I thought there were some things that could have been better today. We just have to keep focus on getting better.

Q: How did you block out what happened in that first game when you were getting ready to take the field and walking out there?

A: I think I worked on blocking that out the day after it happened, really. [You] definitely, you don't want to come out like that your first time, but I've moved on and learned a lot from it, like you say. I learned a lot from this as well, just trying to get better with all the reps. But yeah, just getting over it.

Q: How do you feel about your readiness to handle this longer term if Tyrod [Taylor] can't go, obviously not a great situation, but how do you feel you're ready for it?

A: Yeah, I don't know what's going to happen. Every single week, it's kind of a boring answer, but it's the same thing, I'm ready because that's my job. Wherever they want me to play, second string or whatever, I'm going to be ready, and that's the same approach this week.


S Jordan Poyer**

Q: What did you see on the Rob Gronkowski play there over on Tre White when he decided to obviously drop the shoulder on his head when he was laying on the ground?

A: Unnecessary; unnecessary anywhere in this league. Tre made a great play, obviously, Gronk was frustrated. [There's] nowhere in this league for that type of play. I understand flames are going, heat of the battle, but there is no room in this league for that type of crap.

Q: If I would have told you that you guys held Tom [Brady] to 250 passing [yards], no touchdowns, and get an interception, I would think that you would be pretty with that type of day against that type of quarterback. Do you take some positives away from the way you were able to play against that team?

A: Yeah you take some positives with the negatives. There was a lot of things that happened out there defensively, whether it was we weren't in the right gap, we were in the wrong call – well, not the wrong call but got the call and the line wrong – but there were a lot of positives in that game. [We'll] watch the film. That's a really good football team, give credit to them, that's a really good football team, obviously, world champs. We'll look at the tape, we have Indy next week, so we'll move forward and look at them.

C Eric Wood

Q: You guys moved the ball seemingly very well on the first drive then seemingly not after that. What was different?

A: Yeah just the little stuff. Stalling out in the middle of drives. Penalties. Taking a sack on a naked bootleg. Just little stuff, but man extremely frustrating. Though when you look back on it we had the ball inside their 10, turned it over. We had that wildcat play that was pretty close to being a touchdown. Then we get stopped on their one in twenty point game when you have three opportunities like that it's pretty frustrating.

Q: Especially in a game like this how important is it.

A: Yeah, when the defense was holding them to three points we needed to get seven on the board at some point and we just couldn't get it done.

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