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What they're saying: Brandon Beane's comments on trading Marcell Dareus


General Manager Brandon Beane addressed the media on Friday night to shed light the team's decision to trade defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.  Here are his top comments on the situation.

On the timing of the trade talks …

A: Jacksonville reached out to us today and we thought about it and talked it through as an organization and decided it was a good move for the Bills and a good move for Marcell [Dareus].

On if the decision was made to impact the team's long-term planning …

A: Every decision from a roster standpoint you make, Vic, definitely you have to consider what it does to your cap immediately and what it does in future years, so I'd be lying if I didn't say that was not in the equation.

On if the team had trade talks before today regarding Marcell Dareus …

A: Yes. I mean, we did have a couple of talks in the preseason, but nothing came to fruition. I give Marcell a lot of credit. I thought he made huge strides of late, but at the same time, we just, we felt like this was a good move for us going forward, as well [as it] gives him a fresh start.

On if the team had the intention of trading Marcell during the season or after the 2017 season ended …

A: To be honest with you, we just take it day-by-day. I was not calling people about him as the trade deadline approached. I know people suspected maybe we were or weren't. Quite honestly, I had not called anyone. Jacksonville reached out to us and made an inquiry and it kind of went from there. But, we're evaluating everybody through this whole process. He definitely would've been a guy we would've talked about after the season [with] how does he fit going forward, but this opportunity came up and again, we thought it was a win for Marcell and obviously for the Bills as well.

On why the team decided to trade Sammy Watkins, Marcell Dareus and others this season ...

A: Again, I've said it before, Sean and I aren't into just getting our guys on this team and getting rid of people who are not. We're honestly making every decision on what we think helps the Bills today and tomorrow and that's the reason for the moves that you mentioned. 

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