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What they're saying: Broncos 24, Bills 17


On individual performance

"Every week I try to be that guy to change the game and make plays. Sometimes defenses take it away. Today, I forget what coverage they were running—whether it's double, whether it's one-on-one—I'm going to win the matchup. I just played my heart out."

On Bills offensive first-half struggles

"That is something we harp on every week, and that is something we got to get better at in the red zone and putting points on the board. I think we get aggressive in the second half and we start moving the ball, being aggressive. We just need to change our whole approach in the first half, first quarter, and how we approach the game. I think once we get that killer-instinct mindset to go down field no matter what, no matter who we're playing, we'll be a great offense."


On the teams overall performance

"We just have to play better. We can't go out there, have penalties, and expect to beat a playoff team. With that being said, we just have to play better."

On facing the Denver Broncos high-powered offense

"We're the defense. Our job is to go out there and stop points. Short field, it shouldn't really matter for us. We just got to go out there and execute. We can't give [Broncos QB Peyton Manning] extra possessions."

On his costly third-down penalty

"I can't go out there and force a penalty. That's a bad situation. It's third down and off the field. That's on me. I can't do that."


On the Bills' lack of discipline

"It's always going to be tough to win when you're killing yourself like that with penalties. We can't do that. We can't allow emotions to get the better of us."

General thoughts on the loss

"I feel like it's a game we could win. I wasn't overly impressed. We made plays, we just didn't make enough."


On the game

"Early on, we were doing a good job of moving the ball, but not scoring points. In the first half I thought we got off to a good start running the football, throwing the football. For whatever reason, [we] had drives stall out and certainly should have come away with more than three points in the half and really didn't get it going until the fourth quarter there."

On teammates saying that they beat themselves

"I don't ever take credit away from the other team. They played a better game than we did. They did the things that winning football teams do. Obviously we hurt ourselves, no question about it. They did a good job of putting pressure on us and making us play a good game."

On if he'd like to have the two red-zone interceptions back

"Obviously. We had the one down in the red zone. Thought we had a really good look, hit [WR] Robert [Woods] on the post, kind of the look we've been looking for all week and the corner did a good job of playing the route and jumping inside. Sometimes guys make good plays."


On if he felt they limited Broncos QB Peyton Manning enough in the passing game to make it a winnable game

"Yep, I would say so, but I think we hurt ourselves obviously with the penalties and the field position and turnovers in the red zone. So again I think all three phases contributed to us not being able to come out on top of that game."

On how he would rate the performance of Bills QB Kyle Orton

"I think it's the same situation. No matter what it is at the end of the day, we all weren't good enough to win. So that's how I rate it."

On the Broncos' red-zone interception in the third quarter

"Yeah, that was a good play. The guy jumped inside and drove on the ball and turnover. Turnovers are caused by a lot of different thing—routes, pressure, tipped balls—but that didn't happen. To your point, we can't do that as an offense."

On the offensive series today

"Well, the first time we get the first down and we turn it over. We get a catch for the first down and turned it over. We turned it over twice inside our territory. And then on their two scoring drives we have a chance to get off the field on both those third downs, I believe, and we had penalties that kept their drives going, so that was tough. Then we were at a position that we talked about before on fourth down and thought we had a good play and we weren't able to make the play and our defense was able to stop them. You know we gave up a couple big plays which we haven't done before."


On moving on after a loss

"When it comes down to it, I would rather see a 'W' in the column than an 'L.' It's up to us now to keep our heads up and put this behind us because we have a big game at home. I've been in this league long enough to know that anything is possible. We've got to rally, go play the [Green Bay] Packers at home and get a win."

On Buffalo's ability to move the ball on Denver's defense

"I thought all day we could really move the ball. We had a couple (bad) series here and there, but for the most part, I thought our offense did a good job. You kind of get stuff in late game situations where (the defense) is dropping a lot of their guys into coverage, but for the most part we can build off of this going into next week."


On the game

"You kind of look at these games as a must win. As a football team, we've definitely been getting better the last few weeks. This group of guys has really worked so hard. We're all so close from the training camp we went through—full pads every day. There were a few early in the year that we let get away from us, but we put ourselves in a position to play for something in December, which we haven't been able to do since I've been here. So of course we are frustrated, why wouldn't we be? We work our asses off year round for 16 days [of games]. Today was one of those days and we lost. I think it's safe to say that everyone in this locker room is pissed off."

On Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone taking the blame for the loss

"You know what? Good for Coach Marrone for taking the blame. We definitely appreciate that, because that means he has our backs, but it's not on him. We're the ones out there. He's not the one out there getting penalties, we are. Sure, he might not have mentioned it during the week as much as he wishes and maybe he's beating himself up about it, but it's on us as players and we've got to get it fixed."

On finishing drives

"We have to come out hot and ready and we have to finish the plays. We drove the ball up and down the field and we didn't help ourselves out by putting seven on the board. That are things that we have to clean up."

On team's lack of discipline

"That is on us. We need to be more disciplined. Finish the play, but after the play, let it go and get back in the huddle."


On Buffalo's ability to move the ball offensively in the second half

"I mean, we started off slow. We let them get a lead and had to play catch up, and I think that's why we played a little bit more aggressively in the second half playing catch up. We've got to start fast."

On the performance of Bills WR Sammy Watkins

"Making plays, he has to do that for this team. He came through. We needed him to make those plays and put ourselves in a good situation, and he set up some of our scoring drives."

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