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What they're saying: Chiefs 17, Bills 13



Q: Is that a game you feel that you lost instead of one that Kansas City won?**

A: I don't want to take anything away from Kansas City. There are obviously some things that we did that, when you look at how to beat them, it gives you an opportunity to beat them. We did some of those things, but then we hurt ourselves, like you said, and didn't take advantage of opportunities where we had them. They're a good football team. Obviously, we came into this football game thinking we were going to win. I think it goes back to what you said before. You can't do those things.

Q: Do you feel like you lost an opportunity to separate yourself?

A: I don't know if separate ourselves, but we definitely lost an opportunity. We worked hard to get to a point where we had the ability to win this game, being the first game of the third quarter. We've lost an opportunity. I think that, in the position we're in right now, tomorrow it's going to be hard for me to talk about this game because we're leaving here, walking across the street and going to work on Miami. It's the same thing. We've got to brush this thing off. I don't think it's a secret of what happened out there. All the questions are exactly right. You guys have exactly what happened. We made mistakes and then didn't take advantage of those opportunities. We had an opportunity to get to 6-3. Now we're going to have to fight our way back and come back and find a way to win our next game.

Q: Are you encouraged by what you saw from Bryce Brown today, despite the fumble?

A: That play is the one that people are going to talk about, but there were some encouraging things with him coming out backfield and receiving and running. There are encouraging things there.



Game photos from the Week 10 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Opening Statement:**

A: It was a tough one, we just didn't finish. We've got to do better as a group and you can't win like that. Turning the ball over, not making the plays we need to make in critical situations. We're going to be ok, we've just got to move past this point and get ready for Miami

Q: What did you think your capabilities were today? Do you feel like you were able to do everything you needed to do?

A: Yeah, I think I could do everything and I should have done everything. I've just got to do a better job with my route running and trying to get open.



Q: Do you feel, as a team, that you squandered an opportunity today, in terms of just looking at what the second half of the season is all about and trying to make that run?**

A: I feel like we missed a big opportunity for us. But, at the same time, we have to come back and do the best we can next game. We all would love for us to come in out of our week off, our bye week, and come out strong like we wish we would. But, at the same time, the ball took funny bounces.

Q: Marcell, you had three sacks and three tackles for a loss, what is it about this season, why you're playing at such at a high level and why teams can't seem to figure you out?

A: It doesn't really need to be a "why." I just want to do it. If I'm going to take over the league, then I'm going to do it. One of the goals that I wanted to reach when I came out of college was to be the best player and be the best person I can possibly be. Why wait until a contract year like most guys do? Or wait for someone else? I want to do it. I want to do it now. Last year I started to get the ball rolling and now I'm on cruise control. I'm ready to have fun. We're out there playing off of each other.



Q: It looked like Boobie Dixon and Bryce Brown were doing a good job with run support. Did you feel that you had a good mix offensively today?**

A: Yes, especially in the second half. We got the run game going, and I thought the offensive line did a good job opening up holes for them. They hit it fast, found the holes, and made some good runs.

Q: The red zone issues are obviously a story line today, but what do you attribute your team's struggles to?

A: They're a good defense, don't take any credit away from them. We missed a couple opportunities. I missed a throw to [Chris] Hogan. A couple of missed opportunities, which when you're playing a good football team, usually comes back to haunt you.

Q: Talk about the opportunity here with both teams 5-3. You've got to have these head-to-heads with these AFC opponents, especially if you're battling for a post-season berth or a wildcard. Does it sting knowing the magnitude of the game.

A: Yes, each game is very important. There's no doubt about it. This game coming up Thursday night is going to be very important for us. It's probably good that we turnaround right away and not think about this one. We'll move onto Miami and have a good three days to get ready for them – go down and try to beat a good football team.



Q: Can you talk about the play the guy kind of came up and chopped from the side? Did you see that coming?**

A: No, not at all. He made a heck of a play on the ball. When we get down there we just have to do a better job, we got to finish, myself included.

Q: It seemed like you were pretty distressed by that play after it happened…

A: Yeah, anybody would be. When you're a competitor and you're going out and competing and you get a chance to give your team the opportunity to win, that's tough.

Q: It seemed like you were running a little bit angrier after that one, what do you think of your performance overall today?

A: I mean other than that I thought I did pretty well. At the end of the day, you have to finish and keep improving. We have a short turnaround, so this is a tough loss for us but we can't let Kansas City beat us twice.



Q: As a defensive line you guys dominated much of the day but then late they end up making plays?**

A: It's definitely tough, we lost the football game and no one probably woke up today expecting to lose, we're definitely upset about that. We've got a Thursday game, we've got a division game so we've got a chance to finish 3-1 and sweep Miami. That's our focus right now is to just find a way to get ready for that game, it's going to come up quick we've got to be prepared.

Q: Can you comment on Dareus, he's already broken his career high in sacks, can you comment on why teams can't seem to be able to figure him out?

A: He's a beast, somebody that big, that fast, that strong that moves that fast, he's a physical freak, he's a beast. He's going to do whatever he can to impose his will and we love it.



Q: The touchdown play early in the game, describe that one.**

A: It was one of those things we knew how they were going to play and we got the look we wanted and it was just pretty much man to man. Just beat your guy and I won on that route and Kyle (Orton) won on that route.



Q: Do you feel, and I know it's hard to tell just a few minutes after the game, but do you feel physically like you'll be ready to go in just four days?**

A: Yeah. I feel like it. Especially, like I said, having two other guys out there to share the workload. It's not like I'll be out there getting 35 carries or something so whenever you have that luxury of splitting time with two good running backs it takes a lot of the pressure off you.

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