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What they're saying: Dolphins 22, Bills 9




On having success finding Chris Hogan ...**

"Chris has been playing good ball for us. He's a good inside receiver; he uses his body well, has good speed and runs routes very well so he played good tonight."

On his performance ...

"It's just not good enough, whatever the reason is. We'll just have to go back and watch the tape but our performance isn't good enough right now. We've got to go back to the drawing board a little bit and the only thing I know is to go back and work harder, try to get better and it starts with the quarterback. My job is to put points on the board and whatever I've got to do to get this offense better I'm going to do."

On suffering consecutive losses in five days ...

"We just know what we have to do in the future. We've got to go out and beat some good teams, play better and get some big wins. That's all of our focus."



On holding Miami to three points in the first half ...**

"We felt pretty good. I think the biggest thing is we needed to create some more turnovers. Field position was big, short, so we definitely needed to get better field positon and by doing that then [it would have been] a lot easier, a lot better if we had turnovers."

On if he gets any satisfaction of having a good stat line despite the result ...

"No, not at all. I'm never the type of person who looks at that. At the end of the day, no matter what a player on this team gets individually, somebody helped them get it, so that's how I see it. We just collectively play together and go out and try and put our best foot forward."



On the biggest difference between this game and the first game against Miami ...**

"It was a little more zone, a little more blitzing they were doing different things in the 2nd quarter that kind of rattled us. Those are thing we have to be prepared for and we have to watch film, clean it up, and get ready for next week."

On not producing a touchdown in more than 20 offensive drives ...

"I don't know what's going on we have to execute and keep playing hard. It's very upsetting that we get down there three or four times and don't score; three points, three points. Being a wideout you want to score touchdowns and have fun and celebrate and we just have to get better as a whole unit."

On his effectiveness in the red zone and what needs to be done to produce points ...

"I think all of us can make plays in the red zone, that's why we are out there to catch the ball. We just have to do a better job of just being on the same page and once we clear things up, watch the film and see what is going on, what happens, see if it was us or… we just got to see what's going on."



On the frustration of the loss after coming into the game 5-4 ..**

"Huge. Very frustrating. It's a division opponent, we have goals and we set goals throughout the season and anytime you lose to a division opponent it's tough. We have to bounce back."

On being up 9-3 and diagnosing what went wrong ...

"It's tough to tell. Too early. We have to examine the film and see where it all went wrong."



On finding something to build off of heading into the Jets game ...**

"It's another divisional game. People are going to count us out. We have to come back this week and prepare for the Jets and forget about Miami."

On if this game means more based on his history with Miami ...

"Every loss hurts. Playing Miami obviously, we were able to beat them earlier in the season. That was nice. This was a big game for us. It was Miami. It hurts a little bit more. This was a big one."

On how he found success in the middle of the Miami defense ...

"It's plays that we prepare for. We got the looks that we thought we were going to get. Those couple of times over the middle they were in man coverage. I had a good feeling of a chance of getting the ball. They were physical. We knew that. I got to put my shoulder down a couple more times and avoid those big hits and hold on to the ball."

On having some success in the quick passing game ...

"Yeah, they had a couple of good guys on the outside. We knew that coming into this game. We knew we were going to throw a lot of quick passes. We knew we had to get the ball in the hands of Sammy (Watkins) and Robert (Woods)."



On assessing Kyle Orton's play ...**

"I think, again, early on we were moving well and doing those things … I think that they did a nice job. They went all out. They got the ball tipped. Next time around we ran a man beater and they played us in zone. So those are the things that, you know, it's tough to know those chess-type matches that's going through it and being able to call those plays.  You know, again, you put it on one guy but when you watch it, you know, the poor throws, you're probably getting somebody in his face and he's going backwards."

On what is at stake coaching in these next six games of the season ...

"I feel like our situation as coaches … the type of person I am, even the first day on the job, I think I'm working for my job all the time. I don't worry or concern myself with that. My concern is for the guys in this room and doing a good job being a good leader for the coaches and the players and just keep fighting our way and just keep playing and just keep trying to get better."

On the message for the offense moving forward ...

"We got to finish and execute. We got to finish and execute. We got to make sure that everybody is comfortable with what exactly that they're doing. It's really not anything more than that. We tried from the concept standpoint, the running the ball standpoint, the different personnel standpoint to a lot of things and basically we'll look at it again and see if there's anything that we're missing and see if we can do a better job. What it comes down to is just putting them in the right position and then executing. And it's really as simple as that."

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