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What they're saying: Quotes from inside the Bills locker room




On cutting the game to one score late in the fourth quarter

"Yeah, no doubt, we gave ourselves a chance late in the game. I think both weeks, even with the slow start, we stuck together. We've battled. So, there's some good things to take out, you know, from each game. Like I said, with our team, if we can play with the lead, and give our defense the lead, they're going to be even better."

On the team not being able to overcome turnovers

"Yeah, I made a bad decision with the football on the interception. Then, you know, a sack-fumble. And then trying to basically run out the clock at the end of the half and then an unfortunate fumble. We have to address those, I have to better with the football and play a mistake free game and not come away with any interceptions."

On today's atmosphere early in the game

"No question. Like I said, we were very excited. We were very prepared to play the game, we worked hard all week. We tried to keep some of the distractions down to a minimum and we were focused. Disappointing loss, but hopefully guys are energized by the fact that we're a good football team, and we've got a great chance to prove who we are in the next ten weeks."

On trying to get Sammy Watkins involved even though he was going against Darrelle Revis

"Well he's playing against a good corner. I know that about it, and 24 (Darrelle Revis) followed him around the whole game. So, like you said, second half, he ran some good routes on him and kind of got a little more involved. But, you know, he's a special player and really, no matter who is covering him, we have to find a way to get him involved in the game plan."

On Scott Chandler's big day

"Yeah, Scott had a big game, and he's a big target like you said. He made some great catches over the middle of the field. Had some big third down catches to keep drives alive for us. So, hopefully, continue to add on that and use him as a weapon."



On if today's game came down to who had Tom Brady**

"Don't get me wrong. He's an outstanding football player. Is there anyone else in this league that has someone like him? I don't know. Probably not like him, but there might be three or four other guys in that same class of player. My personal opinion is that I think it comes down to things like execution and turnovers. You have to play a very good football game to beat them. They did, today, a very good job of not doing anything to beat themselves and made plays. We did things to beat ourselves. We took away three points with the penalties down there at the end. We were able to overcome some penalties too."



On becoming the first Bills tight end with 100 receiving yards since 1992**

"We have so many guys out there who can make plays. It's just when you number gets called, you're going to have to be the guy to make the play. We obviously need to make a couple more. We need to get our running game going a little more, and that's going to open it up even more for us out there."

On being a big part of the game plan this week

"I think that we thought that we could get some things going in the middle of the field. We were able to exploit those a little bit today. Kyle put some great balls out there, high, where only I could get it."


On if today's game reminds him of 2012

"I don't remember 2012, I don't remember the game. But yeah, we have to play better in the second half. We did some good things in the first half and like I said, lots of mistakes in the second half. We have to do a lot of things better in there to put our offense in position to help us win the game."

On if there's any finger pointing going on when it comes to penalties

"Well if there's anybody in here that points the finger other than at themselves, they need to get the hell out of here. The only person that any of us have the person to point at, they need to turn around and point it at themselves and ask what they can do better. We all can do things better but you start pointing fingers and that's a big problem when you start doing that."



On the offense not starting faster in the first half**

"Turnovers and penalties. When you kill yourselves on drives like that it's going to be hard to get anything going. That was our M.O. today. Once we got out of our own way and stopped turning the ball over and converting some first downs and things like that we were able to move the ball so we got to go make, look at film, make corrections as an offensive unit and get better in all those areas."

On if there was an extra sense of disappointment due to how much this game meant to the community

"It's just disappointing to lose a game, that's what we're just focused on more than anything. We wanted to win this game and we didn't get the job done."


On trying to get the running game established early

"Yeah, we wanted to come in here and make it physical and put it on the ground and keep that offense off of the field. Tom Brady, he's a great quarterback, he's going to make plays if he has the ball. We just tried to come out here and pound it and just keep the ball out of their hands, but it got a little out of hand so we had to do some other things. It was looking good for a minute."



On scoring his first NFL touchdown**

"First time for me, that's a once in a lifetime experience right there. That was my first touchdown ever in the NFL, so I don't really have words to describe what it meant especially against the Patriots and at home. It was pretty surreal."

On offense's slow starts

"We've just got to keep hammering that home. We've got to come out faster and that's something that we're going to harp on every single week, it can't start in the second half or the second quarter. We have to come out first drive, first quarter and we have to get things rolling from there."


On the defense's play in the second half

"Absolutely, poor performance in the second half. We have got to play better, we demand better of ourselves. We know we're going to come to the film and we're going to attack this aggressively so that we can fix that. You've got to play a four quarter game against Tom Brady, Hall of Fame quarterback. We just have to come better prepared."

On the defensive line rotation late in the game

"We rotate. The way we rotate, we have confidence in everyone in our room. Everyone in our room can be a starter; we know that, we're a very talented group. So, whoever is out there on the field, we don't question coach, we go out there and execute."

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