Why Jordan Poyer is excited about Buffalo's roster additions and the changes in AFC East

Buffalo Bills free safety Jordan Poyer (21) and strong safety Micah Hyde (23) Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets, December 29, 2019 at New Era Field. Photo by Bill Wippert

The events of the offseason already had Jordan Poyer in a good mood. The completion a two-year contract extension with Buffalo, that had been in the works for a few weeks, gave him job security and an opportunity to continue his career where he has enjoyed playing most as a professional. But the team's aggressive moves in free agency and via trade have the Bills safety thinking big about the team's prospects in 2020.

"I think, Brandon (Beane) and Sean (McDermott) have done a heck of a job this offseason bringing guys in," said Poyer.

He sees value in adding players who have already played in Buffalo's defensive system with Buffalo reportedly agreeing to terms with four players who have ties to coach McDermott's time as defensive coordinator in Carolina.

Being a 100-plus tackle safety for the Bills last season, Poyer likes the idea of having added size up front to make more stops at the line of scrimmage.

"Obviously (it's important) targeting some of the guys they brought in on the defensive line," said Poyer. "Guys who have played in the league and can come in and make an impact right away."

Even though the majority of Buffalo's player acquisitions have taken place on the defensive side of the ball, it was hard for Poyer not to think about what Stefon Diggs will do for the Bills offense.

"Bringing in Stefon Diggs, who's a playmaker, that's exactly what he is so I'm excited about what they're doing, you know, trust the process," said Poyer. "Trust in what they're doing upstairs and then when we come there whenever we're able to get there, to just come to work and put it all together."

Aside from what they as a team have to accomplish at One Bills Drive, it's hard to recognize the potential opportunity that awaits in the division with Tom Brady now playing in the NFC South.

"I'm not going to frown about it," said Poyer of Brady's departure from the AFC East. "Obviously, it's going to be different faces in the East. Miami is getting some really good players. The Jets are always going to be tough, and New England is New England. It's just going to come down to whoever wants it has to go get it.

So, obviously with Tom Brady gone it's a huge, huge deal. He's going down to Tampa, but you know it's just going to be whoever wants it go get it man and I think that if we just come into work and put our heads down work I think we have the right people to compete for sure.

"I want to finish what we started. I think that next step is right there in front of us and if we can just come into work we can get there. This team is moving in the right direction to have a chance to play in January and play in February."

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