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Wide Receiver Lee Evans

Bills Wide Receiver Lee Evans


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On how the season has gone so far

I think it's a matter of resilience.  A lot of guys have been hurt and a lot of guys are stepping in and filling positions.  Guys just keep fighting and keep working hard out here in practice and good things happen.  It's been a great season to be involved with the guys in the locker room and be a part of that. 


On being surprised at being 6-6

We had chances to be even better so we expected ourselves to be a lot better.  Given everything that has happened, we have still given ourselves a chance and that's all you can want.  When you've been here for so much and you still have a chance you have to be grateful for it. 


On the lack of production from the offense being frustrating

It's been tough.  Obviously, we feel like we can do a lot more offensively.  We feel like we have a lot more potential then what we have done, but when it's all said we still have opportunities in the season to do some things regardless of what the stats are now and what they have been.  Right now we have an opportunity and if we don't make the best of the opportunities now then it'll be all for nothing. 


On what needs to be done to get the ball in the endzone

Being a lot better in the red zone.  Obviously we haven't been very effective in the red zone for whatever reason.  It's hard to put your finger on it, but it's effectiveness in the red zone.  We've been down there, but we haven't been able to get it in. 


On what the problem is

It's a little bit of everything.  It's not just one thing.  Given what the defense wants to do and given our game plan, it's not just one thing all the time.  It has been one of the things offensively that has been our struggles.  Week in and week out we have been striving to be a lot more consistent and down in the red zone is where it shows up the most. 


On being 6-6 with only 13 touchdowns

I think, especially late in the season, when given opportunities to go down and get points we've been able to do that late in games.  I think that is one of the things that has helped us confidence-wise offensively.  Our special teams and our defense have been playing great.  They've been holding us in games and we certainly need to get better and put them away a little bit earlier. 


On ignoring that the Dolphins are 0-12

It's not really about them.  It's more about us.  This is a big game and this is a rivalry game and regardless of what their record is and what our record is and implications and all that.  This is still a big rivalry game especially for a lot of people in this community and people who follow the Bills.  It might not be what it was back in the day, but for people here it's still a rivalry.  You have to have that type of intensity going into this game. 


On the coaches mentioning that this is a rivalry game because there are so many new guys

There are some people that don't know, but I think that it's imperative that they do know because they are not going to come in here and back down regardless of whatever their record is.  It really didn't get mentioned.  But for the older guys, we certainly know and we certainly pass that message on throughout the locker room and breaking the team down and such.  We certainly put it out there, because it's imperative that they know. 


On not being the team that wants to give the Dolphins their first win

No question, but we're more so thinking about winning then losing.  It's more so about us and what we're doing.  It's a big game for us and for them it's a big game too.  There's certainly a lot more on the line that we could lose. 


On Edwards becoming more comfortable with him and making plays

It'll be a growing process for him.  He likes to get the ball out of his hands quick and that's certainly one of his strengths.  It'll be something that will grow with him over time.  As he becomes and older and more mature quarterback it will come a lot easier. 


On the throw to Reed on the last drive versus Washington     

It was a big throw.  It was a big step for him in his young career.  I think it does a lot for his confidence.  I think it does a lot for the confidence of his teammates, coaches and everybody around him. 


On the playoff scenario

It's not a secret about what is happening.  Everybody knows where we are at right now and what needs to take place.  The only thing we have now is a chance.  You go out and play the way you know how and you win and if it happens it happens and if it doesn't it doesn't.


On this being a good experience for all of the young guys

It will help them.  We're not looking that far ahead right now, but I think it's great.  We have a lot of young guys out here playing hard.  We have to play our best football coming down the stretch and I think if we do that then we have a much better chance of winning. 


On getting over the hump of being close

Right now is when you have to do it.  Late in the season with the playoff race and everything going on, this is when it really counts to get you into the post season.  Everything that has gone on before has given you a chance and now you have to make plays. 


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