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Wide Receiver Lee Evans - 8/7

Wide Receiver Lee Evans

AM Walk-Thru – August 7, 2008



On Favre being in the division:

Doesn't make it any easier on us but I think it is a great opportunity for our defense. You play against one of the best and we do that in our division anyway so it will be good for our defense.


On being surprised that Favre went to the Jets:

Yes, I heard some rumbles about it before but I didn't really think there was a lot of validity to it. He gets the ball out quick they like to run a lot of short timing routes so we will see if it is a good fit.


On Favre being 38 and making that big a difference for the Jets:

Oh yes, I don't think he will be learning a totally foreign system. I think it is still some type of version of the West Coast offense, I think he will pick up on the offense pretty quick and get used to their personnel and progress as the preseason goes on.


On having played in Wisconsin, and what might be going on over there:

I don't know, I think it was clear on both sides that it was in the best interest for him not to be there. I think it's a mutual thing and I don't think there will be a whole lot of blood loss it doesn't seem like. I know the fans are devastated, they are very loyal fans and true to the people who play there so I know that they are feeling it a little bit.


On how strange will it be to see Favre in a different uniform:

It's going to be weird, no doubt about it, to see him in a different uniform it is definitely going to be weird.


On what you are looking to see from the offense on Saturday:

I just want to really get to see how these young guys react in a game situation, picking up things and executing. Hopefully they will have a lot of poise about themselves and conduct themselves well. I am excited to see the young guys play.


On being anxious to see the progress of Turk Schonert's offense:

Yes, no doubt. I think that executing things is one thing but mental things are another so I think if we don't have many mental mistakes regardless of the execution we have a good platform for stepping forward.


On taking a good look at Hardy during Saturday's game:

This game will be a big learning process for him, they always say that one of the biggest learning steps comes from the first and the second game. This first game will be good for him, to be able to get in there and see what the game is like, get a feel for the game hopefully, if he plays and then move forward from there.



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