Wide Receiver Roscoe Parrish


PM Practice – August 4, 2008


On getting the wind knocked out of him in today's practice

No it wasn't anything. It was just a little hit by Jabari [Greer] but nothing major. He's my teammate. We're not out here trying to kill each other.


On personal battles in camp

It's football. You've got to love it and it's what we do. You're going to get hit and when you get hit, they've got to wait and look around because I'm coming back for them [to beat them on offense].


On hitting the same players during camp and getting anxious for the preseason

You get to a point that they [the defense] know what we're doing and we know what they're doing, so we've just got to keep on pushing and can't open up about it [saying] "Oh he knew what I was doing, he knew our route."


On if he any doubt about catching the long ball

That's my ball. Every time it's in the air, I feel like that's my ball. I don't feel like it, I know that's my ball.




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