WR Stevie Johnson: "Every game is winnable for us"

WR Stevie Johnson

Monday, October 15, 2012

On what the team learned about them spending a week on the West Coast:

I do not know if we learned anything about each other. We all know we have competitors in the room. We have a bunch of athletic guys and guys that do not quit. One thing we did get out of there is just being able to be together after practice. We were able to talk to each other about certain things instead of going to practice, talking about it and then going our separate ways. I think the whole trip brought us together to talk about more things.

On what it takes to win on the road:

I think it is just putting four quarters together. That is pretty much it. I think as a team if we can put together two halves, we have a great chance to win. As of late, with all our losses it has been a tale of two halves. When we put everything together we have a great chance to win games.

On how to use the win to build some momentum:

Like I said with the whole two halves things, if we play a full game we can play with anybody and we have a great chance of winning. How the game went out last week, it just shows if we put it together for four quarters we can beat anybody.

On the negativity surrounding the team, but they are in a position to go into the bye 4-3: Most definitely, but that is the NFL. That is what it is all about each week. Life changes each week for us so we just have to be ready for it. This is going to be a tough game. Every game is winnable for us, but it is going to be tough. They (Tennessee)just came off of a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now come here to play against us and they beat us last year, so we will be ready for them this week.

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