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Wright Alright After Food Allergy Flare Up

There were a few puzzled faces on the practice field Tuesday morning, and quite a few more Tuesday afternoon when people noticed that Dwayne Wright was missing from practice.

The rookie running back spent the day in a Rochester area hospital after waking up to see that he had suffered an allergic reaction to something he had ate on Monday night.

"It was a weird feeling waking up, because I never toss and turn when I sleep. I woke up and was about to brush my teeth and my whole lip was swollen," said Wright. "I got to the hospital and my jaw was swollen."

While Wright doesn't know the exact culprit he can narrow it down to two foods; avocado and tomato. He believes that there must have been a bit of tomato on the sandwich he usually gets for a snack after dinner.

Wright spent 13 hours in the hospital so the staff there could monitor him in case anything else came up.

"Just a precaution, because most of the time with that type of illness, you have to keep them just to monitor them. I'm glad that they monitored me and gave me a chance to get healthy," said Wright. "I'm feeling a little weird since I was in the hospital on medication all day but I'm glad to be back."

Although his teammates have gone easy on him so far, Wright had to endure some ribbing upon his return.

"A lot of people have said I'm the Nutty Professor," said Wright.

As a rookie, Wright will surely enjoy a few more jokes before the end of camp, but as of now he is happy to get back on the practice field. With something like tomatoes being so common Wright has had previous encounters with his allergies.

"It has happened before but not as drastic as it did yesterday. The left side of my lip has swollen but this time it was my whole jaw," said Wright.

While it appears Wright has earned a new nickname, he will surely be double checking the contents of his sandwiches for the remainder of camp so he doesn't miss anymore practice time due to allergies.

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