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Videos - April 2010

Published On Title
2010-04-02 Bills Focus: Safety Draft Preview
2010-04-05 Bills Focus: Offensive Tackle Draft Preview
2010-04-07 Bills Focus: Cornerback Draft Preview
2010-04-09 Bills Focus: Tight End Draft Preview
2010-04-12 Bills Focus: Quarterback Draft Preview
2010-04-14 Bills Focus: Linebacker Draft Preview
2010-04-14 2010 Bills Draft Luncheon
2010-04-16 Bills Focus: Wide Receiver Draft Preview
2010-04-19 Bills Focus: Defensive Line Draft Preview
2010-04-19 Scouts on Bulaga, Clausen, Pike and others
2010-04-20 Scouts on Tebow, McCoy, Okung, and WR Prospects.
2010-04-21 Bills Focus: 1st Round Possibilities
2010-04-21 Scouts on Morgan, Spiller, Williams, and others
2010-04-22 Bills Focus: Coach Gailey Preparing for the Draft
2010-04-22 Buffalo Bills All-Time Draft Picks Top 10
2010-04-22 A Look at Bills 1st Rd Pick C.J. Spiller
2010-04-22 Buddy Nix and Tom Modrak on C.J. Spiller
2010-04-22 C.J. Spiller Conference Call
2010-04-22 Bills Roundup: Bills Pick Spiller in 1st Round
2010-04-23 Bills Focus: Nix on Day Two and the Truth on Tebow
2010-04-23 Bills Focus: Exclusive 1 on 1 w/Gailey on Spiller
2010-04-23 A Look at Bills 2nd Rd Pick Torell Troup
2010-04-23 Bills Introduce C.J. Spiller
2010-04-23 Torell Troup Conference Call
2010-04-23 Alex Carrington Conference Call
2010-04-23 Day Two Recap Press Conference
2010-04-23 Bills Roundup: Troup, Carrington Added to D-Line
2010-04-24 Scout Tom Roth on WR Marcus Easley
2010-04-24 Marcus Easley Highlights and Interview
2010-04-24 Offensive Tackle Ed Wang: An American Tale
2010-04-24 Ed Wang Conference Call
2010-04-24 Ed Wang's Parents Address China (in Chinese)
2010-04-24 Scout Doug Majeski on OT Ed Wang
2010-04-24 Arthur Moats Conference Call
2010-04-24 Danny Batten Conference Call
2010-04-24 Scout Tom Roth on DE/LB Arthur Moats
2010-04-24 Scout Rashaan Curry on DE/LB Danny Batten
2010-04-24 Kyle Calloway Conference Call
2010-04-24 Levi Brown Conference Call
2010-04-24 Bills Focus: Exclusive C.J. Spiller 1-on-1
2010-04-24 NFL Network Grades the Bills Draft
2010-04-24 Draft Recap Press Conference
2010-04-24 Bills Roundup: 2010 Draft Recap
2010-04-27 Bills Focus: Easley Seizes Opportunity
2010-04-29 Bills Focus: Spiller's Versatility On Display
2010-04-30 Bills Focus: Roosevelt's NFL Opportunity