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Buffalo Bills Staff | Buffalo Bills -


Football Executives

Player Personnel

  • Brian Gaine Assistant General Manager
  • Terrance Gray Director of Player Personnel
  • Matt Bazirgan Senior Personnel Executive
  • Malik Boyd Senior Personnel Advisor
  • Lake Dawson Senior Executive
  • Chris Marrow Co-Director of Pro Scouting
  • Curtis Rukavina Co-Director of Pro Scouting
  • Alonzo Dotson College National Scout
  • Brian Fisher Area Scout
  • Andrea Gosper Player Personnel Coordinator
  • Pete Harris Area Scout
  • A.J. Highsmith National Scout
  • Keith Jennings BLESTO Scout
  • Doug Majeski Senior College Scout
  • Asil Mulbah Pro Scout
  • Tyler Pratt Area Scout
  • Mike Szabo College National Scout
  • RJ Webb Pro Scout

Player Engagement

  • Mark Carrier Director of Player Engagement
  • Len Vanden Bos Director of Player Development
  • Kelsey Harkins Coordinator of Player Services

Football Administration

  • Kevin Meganck Vice President of Football Administration
  • Jim Overdorf Senior Advisor to GM/Football Operations
  • Brendan Rowe Director of Football Operations
  • Ryan Moore Football Administration & Operations Coordinator
  • Gail Zielinski Administrative Assistant

Analytics & Football Research

  • Luis Güílamo Director of Analytics & Application Development
  • Dennis Lock Senior Director of Football Research
  • Raymond Alonzo Developer
  • Malcolm Charles Data Analyst
  • Drew DiSanto Sports Performance Data Analyst
  • Evan Weiss Football Analyst
  • Warren Zorilla Senior Developer

Athletic Trainers

  • Nate Breske Head Athletic Trainer
  • Denny Kellington Associate Head Athletic Trainer
  • Marissa Figueroa Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Joe Micca Rehabilitation Coordinator - Physical Therapist
  • Tabani Richards Assistant Athletic Trainer

Performance Science

  • Joe Collins Director of Sports Performance
  • Emma Beanland Applied Sports Scientist
  • Christine Dziedzic Team Dietitian
  • Dr. Desaree Festa Team Sport Psychologist

Medical Staff

  • Dr. Leslie Bisson Medical Director
  • Dr. Andrew Cappuccino Team Orthopedist - Spine
  • Dr. Marc Fineberg Team Orthopedist
  • Dr. Mark Kim Team Internist
  • Dr. Tom White Team Internist


  • Jeffrey Mazurek Director of Equipment Operations
  • Spencer Haws Assistant Director of Equipment Operations
  • Kori Reblin Equipment Assistant
  • Austin Skobel Equipment Assistant


  • Jeff Mueller Video Director
  • John Sniegowski Manager of Football Video
  • Chris Velasquez Video Assistant

Business Operations

  • Josh Dziurlikowski  Interim COO/SVP of Finance and Business Administration
  • Terry Gilbride SVP and Chief Legal Officer
  • Barb Evans Vice President of Human Resources
  • Toni Addeo Executive Assistant to Owner/President/GM
  • Kris Gregory Controller
  • Alex Joss Assistant Controller
  • Sondra Bridge Senior Payroll Manager
  • Jen Joslyn Accounts Payable Manager
  • Melissa Wasinger Payroll and Finance Coordinator
  • Toni Cannady Assistant General Counsel
  • Jessica Fike Manager of Legal Administration
  • Celinda Santiago Mathews Administrative Assistant
  • Michelle Schrum Manager of Human Resources


  • Derek Boyko Vice President of Communications
  • Kevin Kearns Director of Communications
  • Xavier Jefferson Communications Coordinator
  • Kaylee Woodward Communications Coordinator

Community Relations

  • Gretchen Geitter Vice President of Community Relations
  • Michelle Roberts Executive Director, Buffalo Bills Foundation
  • Brenna Bauer Manager of Community Relations
  • Kalle Cooper Community Relations Foundation Coordinator
  • Morgan Foss Community Relations Coordinator
  • Andrea Turton Administrative Assistant

Information Technology

  • Dan Evans Vice President of Information Technology
  • Shaun Handley IT Infrastructure Project Director
  • Mathiew Harris Information Security Manager
  • Bob Schumacher Network Engineer
  • Justin Frentzel System Analyst
  • Cory Kostrzycki Senior Support Specialist
  • Mariano Baldon Support Specialist


  • Jordan McCarren Vice President of Marketing
  • Gregg Pastore Senior Director of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Preston Teague Senior Director of Youth Football and Programs
  • Katie Jordan Director of Events and Experience
  • Meghan Hess Youth Marketing Manager
  • Emily Kearns Manager of Events and Experience
  • Olivia Merrill Digital Marketing Manager
  • Briana Rossi Marketing Manager
  • Curtis Hemingway Youth Football and Programs Coordinator
  • Gianna Ortolani Events & Experiences Coordinator

Media & Content

  • Jeff Matthews Vice President of Media & Content
  • Steve Asposto  Senior Director of Broadcast Operations
  • Chris Jenkins Senior Director of Content
  • Brian Haberkorn Director of Game Presentation
  • Jay Harris Senior Producer
  • Aaron La Porta Director of Design
  • Justin Lowe Art Director/Graphic Designer
  • Andrew Meyer Managing Producer
  • Zachary Specht Director of Social Media
  • Bill Wippert  Chief Photographer
  • James Acton Lead Producer
  • Dean Angle Digital Media Manager
  • Michael Bahrenburg Editor
  • George Blas Production Assistant
  • Shannon Brown Production Assistant
  • Chris Brown Bills Insider
  • Kevin Carges Social Media Content Producer
  • Jeff Coltoniak Producer-Technical Director
  • Maddy Glab Team Reporter
  • Ben Green Photographer
  • Jonathan Harkey Associate Producer
  • Eric Heine Motion Designer
  • Thomas Hollander Graphics Producer
  • Colleen Holmes Digital Traffic Coordinator
  • Nina Lindberg  Cinematographer/Editor
  • Chris Matthews Associate Producer
  • Alex Odachowski   Editor
  • Sean Pantling Graphic Designer
  • Josh Pohlman Associate Producer
  • Grace Potzler   Graphic Designer
  • David Rich Assistant AV Engineer
  • Kelsey Sweet Social Media Strategist
  • Steve Tasker Co-host of One Bills Live
  • Jordan Territo Producer
  • Alec White Content Coordinator
  • James Wrobel Social Media Content Producer

Guest Services

  • Andy Major Vice President of Operations & Guest Experience
  • Zach Rutkowski Director of Guest Services
  • Caitlin Brigham Manager of Guest Services
  • TJ Polk Team Member Experience Coordinator
  • Nicole Wurster Coordinator of Guest Services


  • Chris Clark Vice President of Security
  • Paul Sortisio Director of Security
  • Lisa Cudihy Security Guard
  • Marty McLaughlin Security Manager
  • Steve Zak Security Coordinator

Stadium Operations

  • Matt Hunter Senior Director of Stadium Operations
  • Joe Frandina Director of Construction Management
  • Erick Pierce Director of Training Center Operations
  • Aaron Ramella Head Groundskeeper/Director of Grounds
  • Dave Boehm Construction Manager
  • Kadin Austin Cleaning and General Maintenance Associate
  • Jonathan Barone Training Center Operations Coordinator
  • Sally Cataldo Stadium Operations Coordinator
  • Bill Connell Grounds Crew
  • Mike Ebeling HVAC/Plumbing
  • Dan Halagian Operations Associate
  • Debbie Haley Cleaning, Clubs and Suites Coordinator
  • Mel Jones Cleaning and General Maintenance Associate
  • Bridget Kane Operations and Events Assistant
  • Chad Laurie Fields Coordinator
  • Cody Littere Operations Associate
  • Rick Morrow Mailroom Associate
  • Steve Mount HVAC & Plumbing Associate
  • Joseph Selapack HVAC & Plumbing Associate
  • Jared Stockwell Cleaning & General Maintenance
  • Andrew Wagner Grounds Crew
  • Nicole Walkowiak Clubs and Suites Housekeeping
  • Jim Willibey Carpentry & General Maintenance Associate
  • Vince Zappia Electrical Associate
  • Russ Zink Maintenance Associate

New Stadium Development

  • Frank Cravotta SVP of New Stadium Design
  • John Polka  Vice President of Stadium Development
  • Penny Semaia Vice President of Stadium Relations
  • Nikki Sothoron Vice President of Insurance and Risk Management
  • Todd Starowitz Director of Corporate and Stadium Communications
  • Todd Graci Assistant Director of Stadium Construction
  • Katie Reynolds Project Coordinator
  • Kelly Seward Manager of New Stadium Relations

Ticket Sales & Service

  • Chris Colleary Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service
  • Matt Patrone Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service
  • Chris Holland Director of Ticket Sales
  • Sean O'Brien Director of Premium Sales and Service
  • Melissa Palgutt  Director of Premium Service
  • Chris Roberts Ticket Systems Director
  • Debbi Cummins Ticket Operations Manager
  • Ricky Ferrell Manager of Premium Service
  • Jessica Laudico Manager of Premium Service
  • Zach Richards Account Service Manager
  • Greg Wright Senior Premium Account Executive
  • Nicholas Forcucci Account Service Coordinator
  • Sean Kaiser Account Service Coordinator
  • Jordan Moore Account Service Coordinator
  • Briana Ridge Ticket Office Coordinator
  • Chris Smith Customer Service Representative
  • Sarah Swagler  Account Service Coordinator
  • Nadia Warren Account Service Coordinator
  • Alexis Wilensky Ticket Office Coordinator

Business Development

  • Daniel Misko Vice President of Business Development
  • Rachel Cappellino Director of Partnership Activation
  • Kyle Georger Director of Corporate Partnership
  • Neal McMullen Director of Corporate Partnership
  • Matt Dentinger Senior Manager of Partnership Activation
  • Emily Gaglio Manager of Partnership Activation
  • Joe Schillace Manager of Partnership Activation
  • Kate Schrum Manager of Partnership Activation
  • PJ Anders Associate Manager of Partnership Activation
  • Lauren Yurko Associate Manager of Partnership Operations

Business Analytics

  • Alyssa Mancuso CRM Administrator
  • John Polimeni Business Data Analyst
  • Ashley Wrean Business Data Analyst

New Highmark Stadium - Legends

  • Scott Shepherd Senior Vice President & Project Leader
  • Colin Cook Vice President, Sales & Marketing
  • Mark Playko Executive Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Terrence Brown Director, Premium Sales
  • Bryant Cappelletti Director, Ticket Sales
  • Tricia Occhipinti Director, Premium Client Services
  • Corinne Peters Director, Data Analytics
  • Maureen Taylor Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Nicole Greuel Venue Administration Manager
  • Tyler Oliveti Ticket Sales Manager
  • Savannah Sarafin Graphic Designer
  • Samantha Del Regno Marketing Manager
  • Enzo De Tomi Data, Analytics & CRM Specialist
  • Zayhaan Batlivala Associate, Business Research
  • Dustin Campbell Premium Sales Manager
  • Sara Beth Fisher Premium Sales Manager
  • Sean Levinger Premium Sales Manager
  • Allyson Bajor Premium Client Services Manager
  • Audrey Alford Account Executive
  • Alex Anastas Account Executive
  • Logan Burnett Account Executive
  • Michael Carroll Account Executive
  • London Chatah Account Executive
  • Vincent Chiarenza Account Executive
  • Nathan Coble Account Executive
  • Jerry Dangler Account Executive
  • Natalie Diable Account Executive
  • William Domain Account Executive
  • Isaiah Hall Account Executive
  • Blake Haubeil Account Executive
  • Taylor Lemen Account Executive
  • Ethan McKasson Account Executive
  • David Mickelson Account Executive
  • Manav Patel Account Executive
  • Sam Pugliese Account Executive
  • Christopher Schaefer Account Executive
  • Connor Schutte Account Executive
  • Hannah Wilson Account Executive
  • Tommy Finn PSL Coordinator
  • Brooklyn Morera PSL Coordinator
  • Harrison Serotte PSL Coordinator