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6 things we learned from Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs & Emmanuel Sanders' Super Bowl-week interviews

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) and New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones at the 2022 NFL Honors, Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022, in Inglewood, Calif. (Mikey Owens/NFL)
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) and New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones at the 2022 NFL Honors, Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022, in Inglewood, Calif. (Mikey Owens/NFL)

Throughout the week, a few Bills' players have made their way around Radio Row in Los Angeles and have made appearances on different podcasts. Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and Emmanuel Sanders talked about a myriad of topics, and these are the highlights from their conversations. 

1. Josh Allen pictures a Super Bowl parade in the streets of Buffalo

For Bills fans everywhere, they dream of the day that the team wins the Super Bowl. It will be a memorable day capped off with a colossal parade on a potentially cold, snowy day in February in the heart of the city of Buffalo. It's something that Josh Allen thinks about a lot, and he won't rest until he can deliver the Lombardi Trophy to the Queen City. 

"I think it would mean everything in terms of why I play this game," Allen shared on The Jim Rome Show on CBS Radio. "To be the best at something, obviously, it takes a whole lot of preparation, a lot of skill, a lot of guys coming together to accomplish one single goal. But given Bills Mafia's history and the history of the Buffalo Bills, the things that that city has had to endure, the 17-year drought, we know about the stuff before that, I won't even mention it. But to give them that Super Bowl, I have vivid dreams of the parade and what it would be like. So, it's something I want to happen so badly that I won't stop until we do it. So, we're working on it."

2. Stefon Diggs' thoughts on what Bills Mafia means to the team

One of the biggest reasons why these players want to win the Super Bowl for the city is because of the loyal fan base. Bills Mafia has unmatched enthusiasm from their tailgates to the rowdy atmosphere they bring to game days to showing up in droves to the airport regardless of the result of the game. Stefon Diggs got the full taste of Bills Mafia at the start of the 2021 season and has loved every second of it. 

"I think now they are just on another platform now because we're actually winning," Stefon Diggs said on The Man to Man Podcast with Antoine Bethea and Darius Butler. "They get to display how crazy they are and how passionate they are. And for us, it puts us in that realm of a college team, a college fan base on steroids. We are the only football team in Buffalo. That's their home, and that's everything to them. So, to have that fan base standing behind you, win, lose or draw, is everything.

"They had plenty of losing seasons. I don't know too much about it. But they've had enough losing seasons that they appreciate us winning. … I remember when I first got there, Covid and all, when we went to the playoffs, it was thousands of people. When we solidified that [playoff] spot and there were thousands of people when I got off the plane and they were screaming loud. … It was like a movie moment, and I appreciate it, it was cool."

3. Emmanuel Sanders undecided on his future in the NFL

Emmanuel Sanders has had an amazing NFL career. A Super Bowl champion, two-time Pro Bowl selection, has over 700 career receptions and over 9,000 receiving yards. The 12-year veteran will turn 35 in on March 17th and right now he doesn't know what his future holds.

"I want to win, and I want to be happy," Sanders said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. "But as far as free agency, right now, I'm taking some time and I don't know what I want to do. Even football in general, I don't know. I'm taking some time probably like a month or two, two or three months."

If Sanders does decide to play football, he'd be open to returning where he played in 2021. 

"100 percent, I'd go back to Buffalo, Sanders added. "As a matter of fact, after the game versus the Chiefs, Josh Allen was like 'hey, let's run it back!' And I was like, 'man, give me some time to reflect and and see how I feel, but definitely.'"

4. Josh Allen excited to collaborate with Ken Dorsey & Joe Brady as new offensive coaches

For the first time in his NFL career, Josh Allen will have someone new calling plays for him. With Brian Daboll being named head coach of the Giants, Ken Dorsey was promoted to offensive coordinator. Allen is glad that he won't have to learn a whole new system since Dorsey has been with the team since 2019. 

"Dorsey got here three years ago, and I think that's when my career went on a different path," Allen said to Rob Maaddi on the AP Pro Football Podcast. "So, he's taught me so much already. And I'm excited for him to get the calls plays. We're gonna miss Coach Daboll. I love him, the relationship that we had I don't know if it was like any other quarterback/offensive coordinator in the league. It was special and I'm super happy for him and his family to have a chance now to be a head coach, and I'm pulling for him. 

"But Dorsey being able to step up and have us keep the same verbiage and terminology. I think that's a huge part in terms of keeping the camaraderie going. Because the quarterback, when you got to learn different rules and different systems, that takes a toll on you mentally and it takes a while for you to actually adjust and become familiar with the new system. To be able to keep all that stuff, I'm super excited going forward. And bringing in Joe Brady, another offensive mind and trying to get some concepts from him that he likes. It's gonna take a second to build this thing the way we want it to, but we'll get there."

5. Stefon Diggs explains why Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL

If you ask anyone in Buffalo, they will tell you that Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the league. His teammate Stefon Diggs knows that there is a lot of young talented quarterbacks in the NFL but there's one reason why he believes that Allen is better than all of them. 

"Let me be a Josh Allen advocate right now," Stefon Diggs said on The Man to Man Podcast with Antoine Bethea and Darius Butler. "Let me explain to you, I love Patrick Mahomes I think he does everything extremely well, everything. He doesn't have no flaws.

"But when you look at my guy, he does everything extremely well too. He runs the ball well. He can jump over you. He can extend the play. He can shake you. The only thing I can say, is I haven't watched Patrick Mahomes in the pocket, but I never seen him stiff-arm no lineman. I never seen him shake off a lineman like Big Ben and then throw it for 70 yards."

Stefon Diggs and Dion Dawkins represent the Bills in the NFL's All-Star game.

6. Josh Allen's thoughts on Gabriel Davis' second season in the NFL

The Bills have a rising star in wide receiver Gabriel Davis. The 2020 fourth-round pick hasn't had the most playing time in his first two years, but he shows time and time again that he can make plays when he gets the ball in his hands. Josh Allen loves Davis and everything he brings to the offense and gave him this advice during the 2021 season.  

"He just showed me what I've seen all year," Allen said on The Jim Rome Show on CBS Radio. "He's a second-year guy, but you wouldn't know that from how he talks, how he communicates and how he plays. You saw that game; it was just his breakout onto the scene game. If you were to see him throughout the season, we brought in Emmanuel Sanders, we got Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley, this a guy who was starving for an opportunity. He was coming up to me, like 'I just want an opportunity' and I'm like, 'be patient, be patient.' And he did. He worked his butt off; he got his opportunity, and he made the best of it."

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