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8 ways Ralph Wilson Stadium already looks different

1) It has a fresh coat of paint.

 Much of the stadium has been painted black to fit the new design sceme. Here's a look at the back of the scoreboard, viewable from Abbott Road:


And of the towers on the south side of the stadium:


2) The scoreboard is huge...

The scoreboard grew wider from 103 feet of video action (plus ad panels on either side) to a total of 163 feet of screen. 


3) ...and there are more scoreboards coming.

The new scoreboards above the Time Warner Cable Business Class Club and the M&T Bank Club stand 33 feet tall and 60 feet wide, and will keep you in the fantasy loop with league leaders and fantasy stats updated all game long, and will also mirror the action happening on the main scoreboard on the other side of the stadium. The screens aren't up yet but the framework is in place.


4) There 'monumental' stairs are filling in.

Remember the matching sets of stairs on either side of the stadium to get down to the 100 level? They've been knocked out and the (drumroll please) 24-foot wide 'monumental stairs' are taking shape. There will be one on both sides of the stadium, making it quicker and easier to navigate the Ralph and get to your seats on gamedays. 


A bonus to this new stairway design is the natural light that will float into the 100 level on those sunny gameday Sundays in the fall.

5) Concession stands are taking shape.


We can smell the LaNova pizza and Duff's wings now. Check out one of the concession stands in the 100 level concourse - most around the stadium will look similar.

6) The 'super gates' are looking super.

Don't be mistaken. These aren't just your average gates. Because of their size and the number of people they'll be able to accommodate on gamedays, they're known as SUPER gates. Tim Hortons has already jumped on to sponsor one of the gates, which will be clearly defined by a giant Tim Hortons coffee cup. That frame standing just next to the gate will house a video board to keep you entertained and ready for the gameday that awaits you.


7) The new front door is framed.


The Bills Store will look like the new front door of the stadium, but will be filled with 8 thousand square feet of gear. Its frame is up and progress is quickly being made.

8) There's a LOT going on.

With 350 men and women on site tackling the massive renovation project run by LP Ciminelli and designed by Populous, there's always something happening at One Bills Drive this offseason. Over 5 million pounds of steel has been used in the project - that's over 16 thousand offensive lineman weighing 300 pounds each! We'll keep you updated at as the renovations continue in preparation for the 2014 season.

As the new super gates take shape and the distinctive towers and scoreboard change color, here's another look at all the progress being made at Ralph Wilson Stadium as part of the massive offseason renovation project.

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