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A breakdown of Buffalo's sacks in 2013


By now everyone knows that the Bills are alone at the top of the league in sacks with 43. They're also on pace to break the franchise record for sacks of 50 in 1964, or 49 in 1995, depending on what you deem to be official (sack was not made an official statistic until 1982). After breaking down every sack Buffalo has made this season, we've uncovered some interesting and unusual trends with the Bills quarterback takedowns after 12 games played.

League leading notes
Buffalo leads the NFL with 22.0 sacks occurring on 3rd-down situations – 4 more than 2nd ranked Cincinnati's 18.0.

The Bills have recorded 28.0 sacks at home in 2013 – most sacks in home games in the NFL – 6 more than 2nd ranked Kansas City and NY Jets (22.0).

In the second half of the 2013 season (Game 9-current) the Bills are tied with Carolina for the most sacks with 16.0.

The Bills are tied for second (Baltimore) with 27.0 sacks in the first half of the 2013 season (Games 1-8)

Team notes Top 3 sack games 1 – Atlanta – 6 sacks (more yardage lost)
2 – Carolina – 6 sacks
3 – Cleveland – 5 sacks

Top 5 down and distances for sacks 1 – 1st & 10 – 8 sacks
2 – 3rd & 7 – 5 sacks
3 – 2nd & 8 – 5 sacks
4 – 3rd & 5 – 4 sacks
5 – 3rd & 9 – 3 sacks

Top 3 most surprising down and distances with no sacks 1 –3rd & 8
2 –2nd & 7
3 –1st & 15

Down by downIt's no surprise that most of Buffalo's sacks this season have come on third down (51%). Here's a look at the total down counts.

1st down – 8
2nd down – 12
3rd down – 22
4th down – 0

Evenly distributedThe team's 43 sacks have been pretty evenly spread out through the course of their games this season. Buffalo has nine sacks in both the first and second quarters this season and 11 sacks in both the third and fourth quarters. Their only remaining sack was in overtime against Cincinnati.

How series with at least one sack endedA sack often leads to negative yardage, which usually puts the opposing offense so far behind the chains that they can't convert to get a fresh set of downs. Here's a look at how possessions for Buffalo's opponents have turned out when they give up a sack in that series to the Bills.

Punt – 23
Field goal – 6
Touchdown – 5
Interception – 3
Missed field goal – 3
Fumble recovery – 2
End of game - 1

ConsistencyThe Bills have failed to log a sack in just one game this season at the New York Jets in Week 3.

Finishing strongBuffalo's last three games have yielded the highest sack total of any consecutive three game combination this season (14).

Other notablesAlmost three quarters (74%) of Buffalo's sacks this season have been located between the 20's (32).

Just under 19 percent (18.6%) have been made while defending Buffalo's red zone (8).

Only one sack has been made in the last two minutes of regulation this season.

Half of Buffalo's third down sacks have come on 3rd & 4 to 3rd & 7 (11).

Individual notes The big threeBuffalo's three leading sackers are Mario Williams (12), Jerry Hughes (8) and Kyle Williams (7). Hughes and Kyle Williams have already set career single-season highs in 2013. Williams is three away from a personal single-season best. Here's a look at some of the trends that have followed their success this season.

Eight of Mario's 12 sacks have come on his own side of the field.

Jerry Hughes has the most sacks in enemy territory (5).

Kyle Williams has the most sacks defending his own red zone (4). Mario is second with three.

Hughes has two multi-sack performances in his last three games.

Mario has the most multi-sack games this year with three.

Jerry Hughes has six of his eight sacks on the season in his last five games.

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