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Alan Branch: "Buffalo, they love their football here"


DT Alan Branch**

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Q: Congratulations and what are your thoughts on joining the Bills?

A: Thanks. I am just excited to get on a team that has such young coaches that seem so passionate about the game. Just to join in on a defensive front that did really well last year, hopefully I can add in another aspect of ball basically.

Q: What were the factors that convinced you to sign with Buffalo?

A: The thing that got me is they say it is a lot like Michigan. It kind of is, kind of similar to Ann Arbor, more like kind of a college town. Buffalo, they love their football here. It is going to be crazy and wild in the stands. Just the opportunity to play with this defense and the scheme that they are planning on putting in is pretty exciting as well.

Q: Where do you see yourself fitting into the Bills defensive scheme?

A: Honestly, I fit every single spot on the defensive front. I like to have experience playing every single spot that they have on this team for the defensive front. I have played the end, nose all the way to the three-technique. So wherever they want me to be, I will basically be there.

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