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Anthony Hargrove - PM Practice


Practice – August 12, 2007


Opening statement…

First of all, I want to take the time and I want to apologize to Ralph Wilson himself and to the whole Bills organization, the Bills fan club, to my family, my friends and everybody that's really affected by this. Especially within this whole Western New York state area. The last few weeks, as you guys know, have just been rough from the incident at the club to now. I'm trying to put those things behind me, to move on and make me be a better man and grow up. I've learned a lot of things these last few weeks; being humble, just a lot about the profession, being a man and just facing things. Through all of these things I have been growing up. I have kind of grown up here in Buffalo. If there's one thing I could say, I just want to give thanks to the organization, not for just trading for me, but for being there, helping me as an individual to become where I am now. Right now, it doesn't look like much of anything but those who are near and dear know what the Buffalo Bills mean to me and what this Western New York state means to me. Like I said, I'm sorry when things come down like this.  Somebody once told me if something's worth fighting for it isn't going to be easy. And I want to play in the NFL. Right now, I'm just having a hard time, but I'm just waiting to put everything behind me and go on and just play football. I'm going to serve these four games and I know that hopefully I'm going to play the rest of preseason. I'm going to give it my all and if it changes sides whether I'm good enough to stay in there and they wait for me, then I'm all for it. I'll deal with things as they come but as of right now, that's it and that's all that I've got to say.


On if being released is a concern…

I would be lying if I said it isn't. Every day above ground now for me is a happy day. I love this game and I love this team. I'm really here to say that I'm sorry for putting them in a situation to where they've got to make a decision like this.

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