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2022 Training Camp

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Most memorable quotes and one-liners said by Bills players during Training Camp

Von Miller (40). Return of the Blue and Red at Highmark Stadium, August 5, 2022. Photo by Ben Green
Von Miller (40). Return of the Blue and Red at Highmark Stadium, August 5, 2022. Photo by Ben Green

From Turkey Burgers to team bonding and autograph signings. Bills players and coaches had plenty of one-liners, anecdotes and more during the team's 2022 Training Camp at St. John Fisher.

We've compiled the best quotes from training camp as the Bills head into preseason mode.

Jordan Poyer — Building successful team and culture

"It almost seems like it's just something we've been building since 2017. Obviously fell short in the AFC championship game two years ago, fell short last year. How are we gonna get over that hump? And we understand we got to put the work in. It's not just on paper."

Josh Allen — Favorite part of training camp

"We got TBT after this--Turkey Burger Time. They got the best turkey burgers here. I put a little jalapeños on them. That's the main reason I like coming here. But again, the camaraderie that you get to build."

Sean McDermott — Identity of the team

"That's part of the goal here of training camp, not just here in Rochester, but also throughout the entire duration of training camp. We want to make sure that we establish a physically tough football team and that starts at the line of scrimmage."

Josh Allen — Season expectations

"There's no higher expectations than what we have for ourselves in the locker room. I think if you're a team that doesn't have 'Super Bowl or Nothing' in your minds, I don't think that you're doing it the right way."

Von Miller — First impressions of Bills Mafia

"You just want to shake hands and kiss babies and sign autographs and do all that stuff."

Von Miller — Going away for training camp

"I'm 33 years old and the toilet paper's different, the beds are different."

Dawson Knox — Getting autographed by Josh Allen

"I just felt someone writing on my neck as I was signing stuff. I turned around and Josh was getting after it. I can probably sell my neck for a lot now."

Stefon Diggs — Rapport with Allen

"Your next play is your best play. I believe that. That's my quarterback, I'm rocking with him regardless. I just want to dominate, and I don't want to lose."

Tremaine Edmunds — Addition of Von Miller

"Obviously it's going to raise some eyebrows for the offenses to adjust to him on the outside. I'm excited to see where this thing goes. And, you know, we're just getting started."

Micah Hyde — Sense of urgency to win

"I know football is a game you don't play for 30 years, so I have the urgency now – I told you guys this last year – I want to win a Super Bowl."

Micah Hyde — Teammate that's louder: Tim Settle or Isaiah McKenzie?

"Lil Dirty (McKenzie) is loud, but he's precise with it. He knows when to say something to me to get me going. Tim's just always loud. So, I think Tim wins the cake for being the loudest, but the most annoying? Lil Dirty for sure."

Gabe Davis — Gabe vs. Gabriel

"I'd rather have most people call me Gabe. My mom calls me Gabriel."

Dion Dawkins — Not not getting Covid during training camp this year

"It's drastically different because last year I was in the basement and this year I'm out with a helmet on."

Dion Dawkins — Blocking Von Miller

"If I were to hit somebody it would be a 'Boom'. When you hit Von it's more of like a 'Voom.' Like how did that not hit like it's supposed to hit?"

Matthew Smiley — Reid Ferguson's 35 Madden rating

"I will make a statement that I think Reid will play better than a 35."

Matt Araiza — Nicer people in WNY

"I can kind of tell a little bit of difference between the people here and Southern California. People here are a lot nicer, a lot more outgoing."

Reid Ferguson — Distinguishing between Matt Araiza, Matt Haack and coach Matt Smiley

"Well, we've got a roomful of Matts, Smiley too. So, I go strictly by last name. It's last name only. I don't have a good nickname for the rookie (Araiza) yet, but we're getting there."

Sean McDermott — Taron Johnson's impact on defense

"He's a pit bull. He's not the biggest, but he's mentally and physically tough and he loves confrontation."

Von Miller — Getting the most out of Greg Rousseau

"Greg's a demon. And I'm gonna bring it out of him. I've been feeding him gunpowder and gasoline at lunch and breakfast, and it's good to see him come out here and go crazy."

Von Miller — Bills Mafia sending him toilet paper

"I had some really great toilet paper just show up outside of my dorm room. Everyday it's like toilet paper everywhere. So, I appreciate these guys."

Josh Allen — Isaiah McKenzie's improvement

"He's extremely tough for a little guy. He's a little muscle hamster."

Von Miller — Embracing Bills Mafia at Blue & Red

"I really felt at home right when I walked out the tunnel."

Reggie Gilliam — Having perseverance

"Yeah, it's really been like that my whole life. I feel like I've just kind of been that walk-on mentality forever."

Case Keenum — Playing with Josh Allen

"Josh? Mr. Practical Joker or Mr. Maturity? No, it's awesome. I'm having so much fun playing football right now."

Jaquan Johnson — Stepping into bigger role in camp

"I know eventually I'm going to get my opportunity. And when I do, I make the most of it every time."

Josh Allen — Making sure kids get autographs

"The kids are what make this go. I remember being that kid and that's where I'm at with it."

Tim Settle — Being loud around teammates

"And it's not a "Wheeww!' every time, I promise. I might "Ahhh!". It might be just one of them. But they know it now."

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