Bills improve efficiency and convenience with mobile ticketing 


In a continued effort to improve efficiency and convenience on game day, and to cut down on fraudulent tickets, the Buffalo Bills have made changes to their ticketing options. Effective now, fans will no longer have the option to print PDF paper tickets for access into New Era Field. Fans can simply access and manage their tickets from their smartphone. So, how does it work?

With mobile ticketing, your phone is your ticket!

Often used for travel, concerts, events and movies, mobile tickets offer an enhanced customer experience. With mobile ticketing, Bills fans will have less to think about when arriving to New Era Field. Adopted throughout the NFL, mobile ticketing saves time and improves safety by reducing the risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets.

"Mobile ticketing is the next chapter in the evolution of ticketing," said Pegula Sports and Entertainment Executive Vice President of Marketing & Brand Strategy Brent Rossi. "As technology changes around us, we must adapt and change our methods. Thirty years ago, people had to pick up the phone or come to the ticket office to purchase tickets, fifteen years ago customers transitioned to internet purchases on their desktop computers and now we are seeing a similar shift to mobile. Mobile traffic to has increased over 80% in the last five years and more people view their email on their mobile device than their desktop. As more customers purchase and manage their tickets on their smartphones, we want customers to have instant access to their tickets via their mobile device anytime and anywhere.

"We understand that this will be a big change for our customers and we are committed to providing resources to make the transition as smooth as possible. We have information in our season ticket package, on our website and we are adding staff at each gate to assist with any questions about the process."

Mobile ticketing is free and allows fans to instantly view, transfer, send or sell their tickets at any time through Account Manager on the My One Buffalo mobile application or on Available to both iPhone and Android users, My One Buffalo is the easiest way to access your tickets through your smartphone. Once you've downloaded My One Buffalo from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, follow these easy steps:

  • Sign in or create a My One Buffalo account if you have not registered
  • Click on the Buffalo Bills logo at the top of the screen
  • Select Bills Account Manager
  • Enter your Bills Account Manager email and password and sign in
  • Select the event for which you wish to view the tickets
  • Swipe to navigate between multiple tickets
  • For iPhone users – Tap Add to Apple Wallet
  • For Android users – Tap to save to phone

Upon arriving at New Era Field, simply access your tickets from your smartphone and let the ticket scanners do the rest! Please note that it is highly recommended that fans download their tickets at least 24 hours before each game or event.

For more information on mobile ticketing, frequently asked questions and video tutorials, please visit here.