Bills introduce variable ticket pricing for 2014


The Buffalo Bills will introduce variable ticket pricing for fans purchasing tickets to 2014 Buffalo Bills home games. The new ticket model will include a tiered-pricing system for preseason and regular season games. Season tickets will list different prices for the home games based on the variable tiers.

Season ticket members will continue to receive the best overall value for fans purchasing tickets with discounts ranging from 15% to 50% off from individual game prices. Final pricing for individual game tickets and the announcement of the variable tiers will be announced following the release of the NFL regular season schedule later this year.

"The goal of variable pricing is to create a pricing structure that best reflects the market demand for all games," stated Russ Brandon, president and CEO for the Buffalo Bills.

Final season ticket pricing for 2014 was also released today, with season ticket members seeing modest price increases in most sections. This is the first time since 2010 that season ticket members have seen an increase in season ticket pricing. The full season price will continue to include significant discounts over the average price of individual game tickets as well as discounts on parking, invitations to private events and additional membership benefits. Buffalo Bills season ticket pricing continues to be amongst the lowest in the League and is a great value for fans who enjoy being part of the National Football League experience.





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