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Bills introduce wind power partner WindStream Technologies

Orchard Park, NY – The Buffalo Bills announced an agreement with WindStream Technologies to install their innovative, micro-wind turbines to generate supplemental energy for Ralph Wilson Stadium.

The agreement represents an effort by the Bills to evaluate alternative sources for power, including Western New York's natural abundance of wind.  The WindStream TurboMill® units, installed on the west end of the stadium beneath the video scoreboard, are expected to begin producing power in time for the Bills' home game against the Jets on November 6.  This represents the first deployment of micro-wind technology in an NFL stadium.

"Our partnership with the Buffalo Bills allows us to demonstrate how a small investment in a clean energy solution like the TurboMill® saves money over time, and demonstrates to fans the team's commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability," said Dan Bates, CEO of WindStream Technologies.  "As a nation, we need to innovate and lead the world in affordable and abundant clean energy, and with that comes quality American manufacturing jobs to help get our economy growing again."

WindStream's TurboMill® delivers clean, silent, renewable electric energy alternatives for urban or suburban settings, and for applications not connected to power lines. The TurboMill® device is expected to benefit municipalities, states, businesses, schools and residential customers in the U.S. who are seeking affordable ways to reduce energy costs and lower their consumption of energy generated through fossil fuels.

"The Bills are working with WindStream Technologies to target energy costs and promote the positive environmental impact that wind energy resources can provide," said Bruce Popko, Bills senior vice president of business development. "We're excited to implement this clean, silent alternative energy at Ralph Wilson Stadium."

WindStream has invested more than three years in design, engineering, testing, and optimization of its TurboMill® wind energy device, working with a global network of innovation and technology providers.  As an Indiana-based company, the product is "Made in America." Manufactured in North Vernon, Indiana, the TurboMill® is being sold and distributed to a worldwide marketplace.

WindStream Technologies Inc., designs, manufactures and markets TurboMill® micro-wind turbines, a low-cost, highly efficient solution for urban, suburban and off-grid environments. Founded in July 2008, the company aims to become a leading distributed energy generation solution for the U.S. and developing nations worldwide. Manufactured in North Vernon, Indiana, the TurboMill® is "Made in America" and is sold and distributed to a worldwide marketplace. For more information please visit

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