Bills join in support of Jim Kelly


In the wake of Jim Kelly's courageous announcement that he has cancer, the Bills issued a team statement in a show of support for their Hall of Fame quarterback:

"Jim Kelly's announcement that he is battling cancer in his upper jaw was gut-wrenching for all of us in the Bills organization. He has been a rock of stability for so many of us for so many years, whether it was his presence on the field or the way in which he and his family have persevered through life's challenges. His toughness, character, faith, family and friends will be among his greatest allies as he faces this new challenge with his medical care team. Our Bills team certainly stands beside our Hall of Fame quarterback with all of our love and heartfelt best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery as he takes on this tough opponent.

What Jim has done for our community has been simply remarkable, particularly in terms of his charitable endeavors away from the playing field. The Bills organization encourages everyone to use this latest development regarding his health to return the favor by keeping Jim and his family in our thoughts and prayers. We're beside you all the way number 12!"

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