Bills launch Fan Advisory Committee


A group of 14 Bills fans representing a wide range of demographics was chosen from hundreds of applicants to be on the Committee, which will focus on developing a better understanding of and providing feedback on current and future Bills initiatives.

"It's very exciting," said Andy Major, Bills VP of Event Operations and Guest Experience. "We have a tremendous group of individuals. We're trying to encourage fans to let us know about their fan experience, their gameday, what's going on in the stands, at their gates, in their parking lots, everything. This is a new and unique feedback element that we feel will be really helpful for us."

The group will meet quarterly with Major and a variety of representatives from the Bills organization who will facilitate discussions and broaden the group's knowledge of the goings on at One Bills Drive. Major described it as somewhat of a 'Bills think tank.'

"We want to hear about their opinions," said Major on the John Murphy Show. "We want to explain why we came up with policies so they can understand it. Maybe they have a question about where we came up with something or what we might be thinking for the future, and we're going to share the answers with them."

The group will discuss everything from alcohol-related policies to excessive standing, and committee member Brian Batrowny says he's confident the group will better understand Bills decision-makers and will impact productive improvements on fan policies.

"I definitely think it will be productive," said Batrowny, 26. "I look at the committee as a group asking, 'How can we improve the Bills organization as a whole and their relationship with the fans?'"

Thursday night's meeting set the tone for the group as Bills representatives gave a rundown on how the ongoing renovations of the training facilities and Ralph Wilson Stadium will improve the fan experience, and the committee brought their initial questions and concerns to the table.

Committee members are asked to bring comments and questions from their family, friends and fellow Bills fans to increase the reach of the diversified group even further.

"I'm definitely excited about being a part of it," said Batrowny. "I'm open-minded about everything. I just want us to continue to be one of the top organizations like I know we can be. I want to hear every side of the issues and understand where the Bills are coming from. To get the insight from the top is huge." "We need to be open to everything," said Major. "Any fan suggestion on how we can fix things and make them better, that's what this board is about."

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