Bills look to regroup after loss, work toward next week | Quote Sheet

Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds recorded nine tackles on Sunday and says the team will be ready to bounce back next week vs. Washington.
Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds recorded nine tackles on Sunday and says the team will be ready to bounce back next week vs. Washington.

1. Alexander: Bills will grow from criticism

The Bills need to regroup. The next week of practice will be tougher than last week says Lorenzo Alexander.

"I mean obviously it's easy to be on the team and be in a locker room when things are going fairly well and you're winning," Alexander said. "When you're winning these kind of things get swept under the rug and so obviously this week, coaches are going to be a little bit more meticulous, a little bit more harsh in how they critique you. It's up to a man to be able to receive that and take it and then grow from it."

"Anytime you get critiqued you get defensive. Part of my job is to kind of help facilitate that for the coaches. It's always better when players see players holding guys accountable as well. This is part of one of the jobs that I have to do and it's not a comfortable situation but it has to be done. We have leaders in every single room that will be able to do that and hold guys to a higher standard."

2. Offense knows it must improve

The Bills offense struggled its way through four quarters. Wide receiver Cole Beasley knows the team has to be better based off what they've done this season.

"It isn't a wakeup call, we've known that already," Beasley said. "We didn't put together many good quarters today, you know usually we put together a few. I don't know if we had more than one good quarter today or not. I don't know I got to see the film, but we have to be better, that's still the same deal."

3. What McDermott said at halftime

Buffalo went into halftime down four points to Philadelphia. Head coach Sean McDermott delivered a message to the team to remain focused.

"We got to get back to playing our football," Devin Singletary said McDermott's message was. "We were beating ourselves all across the board. We wanted to get back to our standard and try to take over the second half, but we fell short."

4. Bills will be ready for next Sunday

Sunday's game didn't determine if the Bills were going to win or lose the Super Bowl. It's a quick bump on the road of a long season says Tremaine Edmunds.

"This wasn't our Super Bowl," Edmunds said. "We got a long season left and we just got to continue getting better. Simple as that. We know what's ahead of us and we can't put our heads down right here. That's the game of football, it happens. You just have to respond this week coming up and come ready to play next Sunday."

5. Poyer explains defensive breakdowns

Safety Jordan Poyer explains what happened defensively on Carson Wentz's touchdown to Dallas Goedert in the second quarter and Miles Sanders' 65-yard touchdown run. First, he explained the Goedert score.

"I felt like it was a blatant push off, but you can't expect the refs to try and bail you out," Poyer said. "Good play by Wentz he was able to look the safety off, pump the other way, and come back over the middle and it was a good play call."

As for the Sanders run, Poyer had this to say.

"We didn't fit it right. It was a little miscommunication on it. It's a run fit that we work on all the time and just didn't fit that one right."