Bills More Experienced Than Steelers?

It may not seem like it because of the Steelers string of success, but one advantage the Bills might have in this third pre-season game is experience.  Craig Wolfley, Western New York Native and Steelers' sideline reporter, came on the John Murphy Show and commented on how Pittsburgh got rid of about 50 years of playing experience this off-season.  One addition they made was offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who's main concern is going to be to restore the ground game in the "Steel City."

Brad Smith is a player who undoubtedly brings a variety of threats to the Bills' offense.  When asked how he describes himself as a player, Smith said, "It depends on the week."  He's not far off.  Over the last few weeks we've seen Brad evolve from quarterback to the "Wildcat" package to this week lining up only as a wide receiver and kick returner.  Smith said he doesn't care where he lines up, as long as he can get the ball in his hands and make a difference.

Über NFL fans have now gained a new feature, but are going to lose several hours of free time.  Greg Isaacs, the General Manager of, shared with us the details of the new "Coaches Video-All 22" component of their website.  Fans, for a fee, will now be able to gain access to the same footage the coaches use to break down opponents, where you can see all 22 players on the field at once.  This, combined with new ways of drafting your fantasy team, is clearly a huge step in allowing the common fan to be more interactive with their favorite team than ever before.

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