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Bills positioned well for second half run

Presenting the 2014 season schedule for the Buffalo Bills!

Sunday's game was a pivotal contest, not only for Buffalo's overall record, but for their important division mark as well. Their 20-point win over the Jets at MetLife Stadium kept them within a game of division-leading New England and gave them a winning record in the division (2-1) with half their AFC East slate complete. The team will now take a well-deserved week off on their bye before returning to play in Week 10.

"That was the goal," said Kyle Orton. "(We went) 3-1 in the second quarter (of the season). A couple of big wins for us and got a division win on the road, which is huge. It's a great chance to kind of get away from the game for a minute, but also know that we've fought hard to put ourselves in this situation and do everything we can to take advantage of it."

"We won (the second) quarter (of the season), which I think is important," said head coach Doug Marrone. "It puts us in decent position. Make no mistake about it we've got to clean some things up, we've got to get rested up and then we've got to come back and we have a tough road right off the bat with a Sunday and a Thursday game."

We now take a closer look at the games that lie in the second half of Buffalo's season and the significance tied to each based on a scale of 1-to-10.

Week 10 - vs. Kansas City

Overall record – (4-3)

AFC conference record – (3-2)

Next opponent – NY Jets

Game importance – 10

Buffalo's conference record is in need of a boost at 2-3. Assuming the Chiefs can beat the Jets this Sunday they would come into their Week 10 tilt with the Bills with a 5-3 record just like Buffalo. They'd also be 4-2 in the AFC. So a win over the Chiefs would provide them with a valuable head-to-head edge should the two teams be battling for a Wild Card berth at season's end. Head-to-head is the first tiebreaker for teams that are not from the same division.

Week 11 - at Miami

Overall record – (4-3)

AFC East record – (1-1)

AFC Conference record – (3-2)

Next opponent – San Diego

Game important – 9

The only thing that keeps this game from being a 10 is the fact that Buffalo already has one win on the Dolphins so splitting would not be catastrophic. This game will be on a short week and on the road as they square off on Thursday night just four days after the Chiefs game. A win at Miami could push the Dolphins out of the division race as their AFC East record would be two games behind Buffalo and the Bills would have a season sweep.

Week 12 – vs. NY Jets

Overall record (1-7)

AFC East record (0-2)

AFC conference record (1-4)

Next opponent – Kansas City

Game importance – 9

It's unlikely that the Jets turn their fortunes around in three weeks' time, but stranger things have happened and their defense is still stout up front. With 10 days rest for the Bills heading into this one Buffalo needs to put New York away early and notch another important division and conference victory.

Week 13 – vs. Cleveland

Overall record (4-3)

AFC conference record (3-3)

Next opponent – Tampa Bay

Game importance – 8

The Browns are another opponent against whom the Bills can improve their conference record. Cleveland has had trouble on the road, but their head coach knows Buffalo's personnel very well. They're also scheduled to have 2013 leading receiver Josh Gordon back from suspension. A win here gives Buffalo another head-to-head tiebreaker should the Wild Card be in play.

Week 14 – at Denver

Overall record (6-1)

AFC conference record (4-0)

Next opponent – at New England

Game importance – 7

This is one of the toughest games left on Buffalo's schedule and getting a win will be difficult. A victory at Mile High would be monumental. The good news is the Broncos are unlikely to be part of the Wild Card pool since they look poised to wrap up the AFC West sooner rather than later.

Week 15 – Green Bay

Overall record (5-3)

Next opponent – Chicago in Week 10

Game importance - 6

The Packers also have a bye this week before facing division rival Chicago. They've fared well against AFC opponents with a 2-0 mark against the AFC East. Green Bay will be coming off a short week playing the Monday night before coming to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Week 16 – at Oakland

Overall record (0-7)

AFC conference record (0-6)

Next opponent – at Seattle

Game importance – 7

This should serve as a much needed AFC conference win, but these games are always dangerous on the road.

Week 17 – at New England

Overall record (6-2)

AFC East record (2-1)

AFC conference record (4-2)

Next opponent – Denver

Game importance – 10

It would provide an epic backdrop for Buffalo if they need to win this game to qualify for the postseason. The Bills have never won at Gillette Stadium, and the Patriots are not known for sitting starters at the end of the season even if they have a division title or playoff berth locked up.

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