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Bills recycling program with Republic Services


This season marks the third year in which the Buffalo Bills have partnered with Republic Services to involve fans in increasing recycling participation and helping to keep Ralph Wilson Stadium clean and beautiful for future generations.

"When the Bills made the efforts to improve the safety, atmosphere and the look of the parking lots, the fans responded by doing their part to maintain the safety and cleanliness of their tailgate area," said Andy Major, Bills vice president of operations and guest services.

"Republic is proud to partner with the Bills organization and fans in our efforts to increase recycling and make the iconic Ralph Wilson Stadium a landfill-free facility," said Jeff Burdick, Area President of Republic Services.

At each home game, the Blue Team hands out complimentary blue recycling bags and black garbage bags to tailgaters. Fans are asked to fill the bags and place them at the edge of their tailgating area. Bills staff collects these bags before the end of each game.

"The Guest Services Blue Team has experienced many positive comments from our loyal fans about the complimentary tailgating garbage and recycling bags," said Major. "Republic Services has been a great and caring partner in enhancing the efficiency and ease for fans to discard their trash and recyclables in the Bills controlled parking lots."

Last season, Buffalo Bills fans recovered approximately 300 tons of waste and more than 30 tons of recycled material. This equates to saving more than 12,500 gallon of fuel, which would have otherwise been used in the manufacturing and shipment of new products. The carbon emissions reduction benefits are equal to planting more than 600 mature trees in the local environment.

Ralph Wilson Stadium has been a landfill-free facility for the past two seasons. Any waste generated at the facility that cannot be reused or recycled is converted into steam, which becomes a source of renewable energy that is supplied back into the local electric grid. Last season, waste from Ralph Wilson Stadium produced enough renewable energy to power more than 170 area homes for one month.

"We thank all Bills fans for caring about their game day experience and helping to keep their tailgating fun, responsible, safe and clean!" said Major. "This helps improve the overall Fan Experience, and we hope that our positive tailgating and parking lot atmosphere translates into all the surrounding neighborhood lots as well."

What can Bills fans do this season to make even more of a difference?

Make recycling a part of your tailgate plans this season. It's a simple way to make a lasting difference in the local environment.

Be part of the Blue Team!

-- Look for Blue Team members as you arrive and set-up your tailgate.

-- Be sure to use the blue recycling and black garbage bags.

-- Place the bags at the edge of your tailgate area when you are ready to enter the Stadium.

-- Remember this tip: clean, dry and empty. Try to keep plastic plates and bottles, as well as glass bottles, and aluminum cans as clean, empty and dry as possible. No glass bottles please…help everyone avoid broken glass, flat tires and safety issues.

-- Please remember not to litter. Help us keep the historic iconic Ralph Wilson Stadium clean and beautiful for future generations of Bills fans!

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