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Bills Remind fans to have fun, be responsible at Stones concert


The Rolling Stones concert at Ralph Wilson Stadium is just days away and the Bills want to remind fans to have a great time and be responsible.

"We are prepared very similar to a Buffalo Bills football game," said Andy Major, Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience. "That has been our motto. We don't want to change anything with regard to making sure the fans are safe, having a good time, and we expect the fans to be responsible just like they have been over the past three years where fan behavior has improved greatly. We want to see that, especially at the Rolling Stones concert. We have the greatest rock and roll band ever coming to the Ralph, and we want them to see how amazing the Buffalo Bills fans are. That's the message we want to share."

Permitted and prohibited items are the same as a Bills game. Fans are not allowed to bring in bags other than the clear plastic kind, measuring no more than 12"-by-6"-by-12" and with no commercial identification. Inexpensive Ziploc bags are also allowed. No backpacks or coolers will be permitted.

The policies on what fans can and cannot carry with them into the stadium, along with other helpful information, can be found at

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard has a few tips for fans that plan to drink.

"We do have dedicated patrols to concentrate on drunk drivers, but certainly anyone that is going to come to the stadium  If you are going to drink, drink responsibly because if you don't you are only asking for trouble."

Mark Pacholec, Chief of Police for Orchard Park, has a few suggestions for fans as well.

"Don't get silly, don't have too much to drink, behave and drive appropriately," Pacholec said. "We don't want anyone to get hurt, we don't want accidents, and we don't want DUI's. Enjoy yourself and go home safely."

Officers will be out in force for the entire event and there will be extra officers around the stadium area on Friday night as well.

"We are expecting to see more people in the area Friday than we would for a normal football game because this is an event where people are coming from out of the area," Pacholec said. "There will be open container details in and around the stadium, parking lots, and closed portion of Abbott Road. The biggest thing we are concerned about it behavior outside the stadium."

Use good judgement if you are going to drink. Drink responsibility have a designated driver or use mass transportation," Howard said.

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