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Bills S Donte Whitner

Strong Safety Donte Whitner

August 17, 2007


On how sloppiness affects the players

It affects us a lot because on any given play we want to be perfect. Out there we want to be a wall and stop the runs. They had a couple long runs in that first quarter. We don't want to giv up those runs. So we're going to go in and evaluate the film, so we can fix those mistakes.


On the goal-line stand plays

With this defense, we want to be a band but don't break defense. When it was down there, and it was fourth and goal, we all just said to each other, we're not going to let them in. And it's a play we worked on yesterday and the day before. We knew it. We knew they'd run that play. I was able to get in there, and we were able to swarm the ball carrier and hold out of the end zone.


On turnovers

We work on turnovers everyday, and that's the key to our success as a defensive unit and an entire football team. We had three turnovers today. Last year we didn't get a lot of turnovers, and we know turnovers lead to wins.


On Paul Posluszny

He looks comfortable. Like coach said, with this defense, it calls for guys to be quick and to act quick. I wouldn't say he's slow, but he's not as quick as the rest of the guys, as being in this defense. But that will come. I like him. He's a hard worker. He's a good guy. He is going to be a playmaker on this defense.


On the Falcons' play overloading the line to one side

I do recall that play. In the preseason, we haven't really been watching a lot of film on the team we play. We've been concentrating on ourselves and not making mistakes and just going out there and playing hard. In the regular season, we do game-plan a lot for every individual team. And that might have been a thing we saw on film study and been able to counter it.

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