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Bills security measures will be stringent Sunday


Orchard Park, NY—The Buffalo Bills have not played a home game since the tragic events in Paris on November 13th and the organization, in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, would like to remind fans attending this Sunday's game at Ralph Wilson Stadium of a few important security measures.

Fans are reminded of the bag policy, which will be strictly adhered to and state

"Clear bags smaller than 12" X 6" X 12", one gallon plastic freezer bags, and small clutch bags approximately the size of a hand (4.5" X 6.5") with or without a handle or strap will be allowed into the stadium. Personal necessity bags and all other bags larger than 12" X 6" X 12" will not be allowed into the stadium regardless of the type, style, and/or clarity of the bag."*

We also want to encourage fans to be vigilant and report anything suspicious in addition to any Fan Code of Conduct issues by contacting a stadium security or staff member. Fans may text or call the Game Day Hotline:

**Text:  BILLS

, followed by location and issue to 69050**

Call:   (716) 312-8933

The Bills organization and local law enforcement agencies continue to stress the importance to fans -- "If You See Something, Say Something."

Additionally, the NFL released the following statement after the events in Paris and continues to reiterate its message for all fans:


The safety of our fans, stadium personnel, and teams at all NFL games is our priority, and security at our games is robust.  Our procedures have been certified and designated by the Department of Homeland Security since 2008 as effective anti-terrorism technology. All NFL clubs use mandatory metal detector screening and multiple layers of perimeter security external to the stadium to safeguard fans and the stadium from explosive threats.

Following the events in Paris on Friday (November 13th), we are closely monitoring events and have been in communication with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, which have informed us that there are no known threats against NFL stadiums.

In addition to our standard procedures described above, there will be an increased security and law enforcement presence both inside and outside stadiums in the parking lots of our stadiums this weekend.  We have been in contact with clubs hosting games to reinforce our standard procedures and the league's best practices.

We strongly recommend that fans do not bring bags with them to the stadium. If it is essential to bring a bag, it must be in compliance with the clear bag policy which requires that it be made of clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and not exceed 12" x 6" x 12."  It is important that all fans comply with these requirements, and we appreciate their efforts to cooperate with these security measures.

The NFL and team security departments work closely with stadium operation personnel and federal, state, and local law enforcement to provide a safe experience for the more than 17 million fans who annually attend NFL games. The NFL and its teams continually evaluate and improve our comprehensive security plan.

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