Bills share details on their come-from-behind win | Quote Sheet

Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox (88) Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals at New Era Field, September 22, 2019.  
Photo by Sara Schmidle
Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox (88) Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals at New Era Field, September 22, 2019. Photo by Sara Schmidle

1. Sean McDermott credits heart

The Bills found a way to battle back and come from behind to win for the second time in the first three weeks. Buffalo remains undefeated and head coach Sean McDermott was still fired up about it postgame.

"Number one we celebrated the win because it's hard to win in this league. It's hard to win when the momentum had changed like it did. We talked about heart. It's great to have heart, you win with heart and I'm proud of those guys man," McDermott said.

2. Jerry Hughes and Lorenzo Alexander on staying committed for four quarters

The Bills narrowly avoided an upset by the Bengals but the defense held strong and Tre'Davious White was able to pick off Andy Dalton for the second time to secure Buffalo' victory.

"It just goes to show you that in this league on any given Sunday, anybody can come out victorious," Jerry Hughes said. "So you got to play four quarters, you can't play a half, you can't play two or three quarters. It's got to be four, because everyone's trying to finish, that's what makes the pros so elite, but at the same time, so much fun, because the fourth quarter, anything can happen. It's a great lesson that we got to understand that coming into halftime up 14-0, that doesn't mean much. You still got to come back in the second half."

"We made plays and we found a way to make more plays than they did to close the game out," Lorenzo Alexander said. "NFL teams go up by a couple of touchdowns but it was not like we were up on them by 30. Two touchdowns in this league is not a big lead and they found a way he got the ball back made some big plays on the ball and what we didn't do is just continue to add on to it so they made enough plays to get back and then we finished it off."

3. Josh Allen credits Brian Daboll for taking input from players

The Bills offensive game plan featured a plethora of motions on Sunday which led to six different players taking a hand off, including tight end Dawson Knox. Quarterback Josh Allen was complimentary of offensive coordinator Brian Daboll's game plan and how they work together to call plays.

"He's not one of those guys where it's my plays and my plays only, he wants to find the best plays for us," Josh Allen said. "Understanding our personnel and what our guys do well. He's trying to put us in the best position possible. I really appreciate how he coaches this team. He's very respected by every single one of our guys. I love him. I appreciate what he does for me and how he talks to me and how we've developed our relationship over the past year and a half and how it's going to continue to develop."

4. Lorenzo Alexander on next week's challenges with the Patriots

The celebrations from Sunday's win end at midnight. Once the clock strikes 12, the Bills will be officially focused on the New England Patriots and the challenges they face.

"It feels great, I don't think I've ever been 3-0 in my career," Alexander said. "Obviously we have a lot of confidence, we have the Patriots coming up which is going to be another big game for us and obviously they are a measuring stick in our league. So we can't celebrate this win too long because we have to get ready for those boys because you know they're going to come in here, hitting on all cylinders."

"I obviously haven't dove into it yet but obviously the Patriots are well-coached and have a guy that plays quarterback very well, if not the greatest quarterback of all time," Allen said. "We understand there's a tall task but at the same time we're adjusting to what we did in this game and go off that track and put our best foot forward."

5. Dawson Knox on making the play of the game

Dawson Knox made the play of the game for the Bills with his 49-yard catch and run that would set-up the Bills final go-ahead touchdown. During it, he stiff armed one Bengals defender and trucked through another.

"As bigger guys we don't have as many quick moves as guys like Isaiah McKenzie and John Brown but sometimes you just gotta lower the bat and get as many yards as you can," Knox said.