Bills Throwback Fantasy Championship


1990 Buffalo Bills

And then there were two.

In the third and final week of Bills Throwback Fantasy, the teams that escaped the first two rounds of regular season stat crunching are at it for one last time to prove which band of legends makes up the all-time greatest Bills fantasy team.

Two weeks ago, four '90s Bills squads, each led by Jim Kelly, put up huge numbers to send the '90 and '91 teams to the semifinals. STORY>

Last week, the '90 and '91 teams coasted to victory against the '64 and '65 Jack Kemp-led AFL Championship winners. STORY>

And now, the '90 and '91 teams go head-to-head but with playoff statistics to crown the winner of Bills Throwback Fantasy:

106-57.33? That's not even fair. (This fantasy championship game was nearly as close as Super Bowl XXVII just one year later.)

After some early chatter about the '91 squad, the '90 Bills fought through statistical adversity to pull off a massive Bills Throwback Fantasy championship victory.

Is the greatest Bills fantasy team of all time the greatest Bills team of all time? You be the judge. After all, "this is fantasy."

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