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Bills Today | Josh Allen gets wrapped up in the USA's run during the FIFA World Cup


Bills quarterback Josh Allen appeared on Kyle Brandt's podcast, Kyle Brandt’s Basement, this week to talk about Thursday's game against the Patriots and dive into his thoughts on USA's performance against Iran in the FIFA World Cup.

The two taped the podcast minutes after USA beat Iran 1-0 to move on in the World Cup, and Allen was fired up about the win.

"My heart's pounding," Allen said after watching USA advance. "You get the nine extra minutes of extra time there. There's a bunch of injuries throughout the game, and it just seemed like America couldn't get the ball back. So it was a lot of in our own zone, a lot of balls in the box.

"We pulled it out though. That was tough. There were some questionable calls, and I don't watch soccer all that often but that was intense."

Christian Pulisic scored America's one goal in the 38th minute of the game, which was all they needed to win. Allen said he's been locked into watching his country on the big stage.

"I'm like legit shaking right now," Allen said of the tight match. "I don't watch sports that often and get that way. When I watch Tiger, when I watched Kobe, that's how I felt. Watching USA right now, I'm shaking for them. That was awesome."

Allen is lucky that the Bills play on Thursday night because that means he'll have a front row seat to the United States' game against the Netherlands on Saturday at 10:00 am ET.

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