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Bills Today | Josh Allen sends prayers out to Buffalo, previews Bengals matchup

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QB Josh Allen joined Kyle Brandt’s The Basement podcast on Tuesday to discuss the Bills' upcoming Monday night matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals and the team's Christmas Eve spent in Chicago. The QB also sent his prayers out to those in Buffalo who were affected by the winter storm that struck the city just before the holiday.

Now that the Bengals-Bills matchup is just under a week away, Brandt asked Allen what about this game has him fired up. Allen responded with playing on Monday night and hopefully in nice weather, and playing against a talented Bengals team led by QB Joe Burrow for the first time.

"He's (Burrow) a special talent, he really is," Allen said. "We're going to have our hands full. That's a defense too, that's playing lights out. They got a linebacker over there that I know pretty well, Logan Wilson, who's one of the stud linebackers in the league … So, it'll be fun to compete against him in real life instead of in practice back in Laramie."

Allen also talked about the team's most recent game against the Chicago Bears and their Christmas eve spent in the windy city. He said that while staying in Chicago wasn't the greatest holiday gift, the team was able to spend time together as a family.

The team found out after the win against the Bears that they wouldn't be traveling home that night due to the weather. So, wide receivers coach Chad Hall approached Allen with an idea that entailed celebrating the win at Barstool River North, a local bar & restaurant in Chicago. The QB then reached out to Barstool Big Cat, who connected him with the owner of the bar to put the evening together.

"The Bills, we wanted everyone there in the organization that wanted to spend time together," Allen said. "It was just a way to be with our family away from our family … We tried to keep the vibes high and keep our minds off of what was going on."

Allen continues to send his thoughts and prayers to the city and the people of Buffalo, who are still in the process of cleaning up the aftermath of the recent storm.

"Obviously with the weather and what's going on here in Buffalo, we're praying for and thinking about all the families who have been severely impacted," Allen said.

"Really sad scenes right now coming out of Buffalo and again, I'm praying for the city and for people that are being affected by it because it's not very good," Allen added.

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