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Bills Today: Ragland targeting August


Here's the Bills news of note for Jan. 4th.

**1 - Ragland targeting August

**His ACL surgery was successful this past summer, and his rehab has been progressing well. As he cleaned out his locker this week, Reggie Ragland provided an update on his rehabilitation schedule.

"Right now I'm taking my time and communicating with the training staff and doing whatever they need me to do," said Ragland. "I probably won't run for another month or so to make sure my quad is right and I'm back stronger."

Ragland is only about four months removed from surgery. ACL repairs typically take seven to nine months to heal before a player is cleared for real football related activity.

The former second-round pick outlined his timetable for a return for football-like work.  

"I think we were thinking about me getting back on the field in August," he said. "I know in (June) minicamp I'll be working myself back and not rush myself into it."

2 - Convincing KyleAt the close of his 11th season, Kyle Williams wasn't ready to commit to a 12th NFL season. At 33-years old and another reset at the head coaching position, the veteran defensive tackle has a lot of things he needs to weigh and consider regarding his future playing career.

"I'll look at everything. I'll evaluate everything," said Williams. "As far as a timeline, I don't really have one. We just kind of go with the flow."

While it's likely that Williams will wait and see who the new head coach is as well as the defensive coordinator, his teammates are taking no chances. They intend to recruit Williams back for 2017. Chief among the recruiters is Marcell Dareus.

"Yes," said Dareus on whether he'll try to convince Williams to return. "I have a long list of things over the years that I know he likes. I've been talking to his wife a little bit and she's given me some information. So I've got some tricks up my sleeve for him."

Dareus has been mentored by Williams since he was drafted by Buffalo in 2011.

"Anyone from the outside looking in can tell how much I care about him and the relationship we built with each other on the field and the way we communicate," said Dareus of Williams. "He means a great deal to me and I know in the time we've played together I mean a great deal to him as well."

Williams is under contract with Buffalo through the 2017 season.

"Kyle is old, but he played extremely well this year," said Preston Brown. "I think he could come back and play well for us next year."

3 - Shaq feels best as 4-3 endShaq Lawson's rookie season was abbreviated, but he flashed some potential over the second half of the season. In the multiple defensive system run on defense this past season, Lawson was utilized as an end in a hybrid package on passing downs. If it was up to him he'd prefer to be more of a full-time 4-3 end in Buffalo's new defensive system when the new staff is assembled.

"I feel like I've been playing mostly the 4-3 end in the package they've been playing me at both," said Lawson. "I've been more comfortable as a 4-3 end because that's what I grew up playing throughout my career. It would be great if I go back to a 4-3 end. But if we go back to 3-4 then it's my job to work on it in the offseason and get better at outside linebacker."

Lawson is pleased that he enters the offseason 100 percent healthy. He believes it will give him the chance to be far better prepared for the 2017 NFL season.

"Coming into this offseason it's a full year to let my body recover and a full offseason and being 100 percent with my shoulder," he said. "My mindset is about getting better and being a dominant player next year and getting to the playoffs."

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