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Bills Toronto Series more than a game

When the Bills play the Chicago Bears on Sunday in Toronto, there will be more to see and do than just the game. Since the city only gets one NFL regular season game a year, they want to make the most of it and give Bills fans an opportunity to have some fun.

On the day of the game there will be a Budweiser tailgate party from 10am to 12:30 on the east side of the Rogers Centre. There will be live music, a beer garden, a variety of food and appearances by the Buffalo Jills and Bills alumni.

Starting at 10am, there will be a pregame festival outside Gate 11 that will include different entertainment, notably a performance by Juno award winning group Arkells.

A major highlight for fans attending the game will be the halftime show. The multi platinum rock band Hinder will be performing two songs and will be joined by 50 dancers as well as the Buffalo Jills.

Lead singer for the band, Austin Winkler is excited to perform at the event and is an avid football fan.

"Being such huge football fans," said Winkler. "This is truly an honor for us and we look forward to having a great time and being part of such an amazing experience."

Bills safety George Wilson understands the excitement an NFL game can bring to a city and has noticed how the atmosphere at the games has improved.

"I can tell you that from the first time we played against the Steelers up there the very first time it was a completely different atmosphere all the way up until we played the Colts this past preseason," said Wilson. "I think the Toronto fans are continuing to embrace our team more and more each and every time that we come up there. The fans are getting a better sense of the game, the differences between the CFL and the NFL and the excitement that comes around having an NFL contest in your local city. I think it's just a great opportunity, not only for the fans there in Toronto but for us here in this locker room to be ambassadors for the game of football."

In order for the Bills to get their first win of the year, home field advantage may have to play a role.

Marcus Stroud knows how the crowd can impact a game and wants the crowd to make it hard for the Bears offense to operate.

"The Toronto crowd does a good job getting into the game and hopefully they can continue to do the same," said Stroud. "Make it loud for when we need them to get loud and do some things to disrupt the Bears. That would definitely help us out a lot. "

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